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Submission + - Can a language be safe? (mortoray.com)

edA-qa writes: "Some languages hand us sharp knives and encourage us to play with them. Other languages put us in padded rooms and discourage us from doing anything at all. Though it may sound quite negative, it is often how the argument of language safety ends up being portrayed. But we can’t make sense of either of those views until we address the fundamental question: What does it even mean for a language to be safe?"

Submission + - Quantum mechanics and Einstein's general relativit (sciencecodex.com)

TaeKwonDood writes: The unification of quantum mechanics and Einstein's general relativity is one of the biggest open issues in modern physics. General relativity, the joint theory of gravity, space and time gives predictions on a cosmic scale while quantum effects are fragile and typically observed on small scales, e.g. when considering single particles and atoms. That is why it is hard to test the interplay between quantum mechanics and general relativity. But the race is on to measure the general relativistic notion of time on a quantum scale.

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