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Comment Re:Translation : ISPS are only CC when it suits th (Score 2) 15

ISPs are not all equivalent. AT&T is a telephone company, and the telephone companies have always been considered common carriers, even when they branched out into providing DSL, and later fiber. Cable companies, on the other hand, are not traditional common carriers, and that status, too, has carried over into their respective Internet services.

Being a common carrier does not mean that the ISP cannot make a distinction between local and non-local traffic. This is not that different from charging extra for long-distance service, which was very common among the common-carrier phone companies before VoIP made most voice calls "too cheap to meter". It does mean that the ISP does not get to pick and choose the type of traffic they will carry, which should rule out things like DPI filtering or restrictions against running servers.

Comment Re: Use the Tmobile Music Unlimited prepaid plan (Score 1) 47

I'm in the same plan, it has binge-on and music streaming. I don't watch video on my phone but I do use audio a lot. I buy refills with my target redcard, which gives 5% off and no sales tax. I do talk a bit, but Google voice or Vonage takes care of that.

Cell service, to me, isn't worth much more than $1/day.

Comment Re:The MS Merry Go Round. (Score 1) 212

Yep and I'll be advising customers to disable updates, which won't be an issue since the browser runs in a sandbox and all web pages are scanned before load.

Meanwhile all my business customers are looking at exit strategies, some looking at Apple, some looking at Linux with a Windows VM for the Windows centric software that is required. All MSFT is doing is shooting themselves in their face with this dumb shit because a desktop is not a cellphone and the shit people will put up with on a cellphone the majority will NOT put up with on a desktop. I should know as uninstalling windows 10 is frankly one of my most popular services, it even surpassed Win 8 uninstalls awhile back, its just too fucking buggy.

Comment Re:America in one sentence (Score 1) 283

Never did make a lot of sense to me.

What kind of fancy cloak or rusty broken sword would that trade imply? This is the year 30 AD...

I suspect they translated 'knife' into 'sword', but don't read enough greek or Aramaic to check.

My favorite new testament verse: 'If someone won't work, they shall not eat' (para).

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