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Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 360

I once applied to huawei (sp?) for a networking job. not that I wanted to work there, per se, but I was in dire need of a job and a recruiter contacted me about this place.

one of the first questions from the interviewer on the phone was:

"so, why do you, an american, want to work for a chinese company?"

it went downhill from there.....

glad I didn't get the job. from reading glassdoor, if you are not chinese and don't speak it, you'll never get anywhere in this place; and its right in the middle of silicon valley, too.

Comment Re:Chinese speakers only (Score 1) 360

look at many of the apple job ads. they hint that you may be traveling to asia for work projects, but they do say that you need to speak chinese to work on many of the projects.

apple also lists many jobs that are for 'interns' and you know what that means: low pay and young age, only.

Comment Re:Chinese speakers only (Score 0) 360

no shit. I've seen the subtle and not so suble job descrs that clearly tell non-asians 'need not apply here, buddy'.

having worked at a lot of bay area companies (cisco, etc) - I can tell you that whites are a TINY minority. you can walk the hallways for a long time and never hear english. indian dialects and chinese, lots and lots. see a white or black guy? rarely. at least in engineering. perhaps the upper upper mgmt is americans, but first line managers are almost all asian and indian.

so I find it very 'rich' that someone dares to complain that the asians don't have a 100% stranglehold on the bay area jobs.

some people are never satisfied. perhaps I should go more than a year between jobs - while some imported labor never stays unemployed for more than a month or two, tops. you don't have to be skilled, either; just part of the clan that is hiring and you're all set.

come out to the bay area; walk around outside the main companies and tell me that there is equal opportunity for all races that exist in this area. you'll conclude that its been unfairly stacked for a good 20 years, now. ever since h1b abuse went mainstream, local born citizens can be jobless for much more than a year. we pay our taxes, we grew up here, we have a vested interest in the US and yet the US companies do all they can to avoid hiring us.

asians: realize that you already OWN most of the companies here; and all the landlords are also asian. what more do you fuckers want? SHEESH! you have it all and still are not happy. damn.

Comment Re: I manage Internet connections in 148 locations (Score 1) 122

Qwest are apparently doing 6rd so you should be able to get v6 with them too, albeit over a tunnel.

I have this set up, and can attest that it works reasonably well. The only real problem is that (presumably unlike native IPv6) you aren't assigned a static IPv6 prefix; it's tied to your dynamic IPv4 address. Consequently, I also have a Hurricane Electric tunnel configured with a static IPv6 prefix for use in DNS. This required some complicated source-based routing rules, though, so it's not for everyone. (You can't route HE packets out over the 6rd tunnel or vice-versa, and normal routing only looks at the destination address. To make it work you have to set up multiple routing tables ("ip route table ...") and select the proper one based on the source address ("ip rule add from ... table ...").

Of course, one could just pay extra $$$ for a static IPv4 address, which would provide a static 6rd prefix...

Comment Re:How else to learn? (Score 1) 149

When I was a kid we had things rough...

I remember boot tracing Apple ][ games to crack the disk encryption. Copy the read boot sector code, mod to drop to monitor rather than running boot sector. Disassemble boot sector, mod read boot sector code to write jump to monitor instruction over 'start game' or 'start secondary loader' instruction. If 'secondary loader' repeat: (disassemble, and add more 'self' modifying code) until 'file system' is working. Copy files over serial port to another computer with unencrypted file system.

One game even had the next eight levels available for undelete once at a monitor prompt.

Comment Re:"Marijuana is a gateway drug" (Score 2) 149

I wasn't born with my contempt for the law. It's a million pointless and/or unenforced laws that grew it over time.

My life's ambition continues to be 'invent a new crime' will be made illegal after I do it. Harder than it sounds. Damn 'Computer Fraud and Abuse Act' makes anything a federal judge doesn't like illegal, after the fact. Ips post facto, shmipspostfacto.

I realize that getting some bendejo judge to make something illegal after the fact technically completes my life's ambition. There is an implied 'get away with it' and a strongly preferred 'make a bunch of money'.

Comment This is why I don't use Plex. (Score 1, Interesting) 161

I don't want a computer running full time and using electricity. I also don't want to pay per month for the cloud.

I use Infuse with an Apple TV in one room and a Fire TV in another, connected to a shared hard drive plugged into my router. Works great and needs virtually no computing power on the sharing end.

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