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Submission + - Interesting TSA bomb-defusing techniques ( 1

Beacon11 writes: Considering traveling with any amount of jury-rigged electronics? Your success may vary depending on whether or not the TSA personnel looking at your property watch shows like 24, and whether or not your wires are red. Based on the experience of a few engineers who traveled with a stereo vision rig exposing power and synchronization wiring harnesses, the TSA may decide to start clipping wires.

Comment Others have already taken over (Score 2) 261

Other have already taken over. It might not yet be as trusted as Silk Road was, but there are alternate platforms that were just waiting for the big one to go away and took over without a problem. Too much money to be gained in a fairly secure market. Just don't be from the US but from Russia or somewhere where they don't bother going after someone mostly facilitating sales in the US and Europe.

Comment Re:Book of Unwritten Tales (Score 1) 285

Wanted to test the game, and while they seem to realize the importance both of demos and ports, they don't do both. Too bad for them, but after playing The Cave and being somewhat disappointed by the shallow puzzles, of which only a handful was hard due to absolutely random combinations, I am not going to shell out another 20 bucks for this.

Comment Re:Count Me Confused (Score 1) 203

I don't know the slightest thing about Chesapeake bay, but numbers may be tricky.

There was a study done on the Baltic sea, which concluded that private fishers caught more than half of the total fish extracted that year, something not previously being taken into account in the projections for quotas.

Comment Re:Mining (Score 1) 398

While the Petaflop number is interesting, a suitably skilled and powerful opponent could just create ASICs as can currently be seen. A single company can overtake the whole network with a fairly small investment of a few hundred K, but as Bitcoin has now entered the ASIC-age, it will most likely be more resilient against these attacks as well.

Comment Single player for On-The-Road (Score 2) 259

I often travel a few hours by train or other measures, where I have lots of free time on my hands. I would have loved buying simcity 5, and very nearly did, but then heard about the always on requirement. Which frankly, just doesn't make sense for this kind of game.
Also losing my save-state when the internet connection at home goes down: Who designs crap like that?

Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score 1) 259

Has been this way with battlefield 2 as well. Each "update", which seemed incremental, i.e. names such as update_103_to_104.tar.bz2, was a complete replacement and even overwrote your configs if you didn't save them someplace else. Servers were a pita to run as well, but I guess they solved that with their stupid rental model now.

Comment Re:Firearms (Score 1) 340

Depending on how many you are, you will be outgunned in most cases. Besides the US there aren't many places where you are allowed to have guns, especially as a foreign national. Also, you will be searched in certain nations, depending on which nations flag you have and where you are coming from.
So I don't think that guns are a particularly good idea. Many have done it without and most places where piracy is rampant are well known and should be avoided.

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