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Comment Re:Throw your yourself a bone when you quit (Score 1) 126

No need to wait for your birthday to role around.

I have recently decided to leave FB partially due to privacy reasons and partially because I'm bored of my inbox being full of messages from people on Facebook asking why I haven't been on Facebook in a week or so. So I updated my status saying that I would soon be leaving permanently. I don't like Facebook and I wish I could just stop using it but friends use it to invite me to partys and nights ou,t so is if I don't use it I will end up sitting at home alone. I have now told them (using there preferred contact method) that I'm off and all the people who I really care about staying in contact with will either have my contact details or be able to get hold of them in the next week or two.

Hopefully this time next month I will not have a Facebook account at all.

Comment Re:Zuckerberg's attitude is clear (Score 1) 302

If a burglar doesn't believe that other people do or should care about home security, they would just smash a window whether someone was home or not, and be genuinely surprised if the homeowner pulled a gun on them.

"Do" - yes. "Should" - only a really stupid burglar. Any sane person would believe that other people should take care of their own health. This doesn't mean the said sane person would get "genuinely surprised" if he observes that other people in fact do not take care of their own health.

Comment Re:Hrmm (Score 1) 526

yes, I see the law as written, I saw it the first time. I'm not arguing the law, as I have no idea if it applies here or not (and we'll need a judge to decide). I'm arguing reality. You can't COPY, CLONE, or otherwise duplicate physical objects using photographic means. If this law is applied in such a way that says you can, and it's a crime, then I will help lobby to change the law as written. Just as I am lobbying here to change minds as they sit.

Comment Re:Why not high school? (Score 1) 1138

Agreed, although research in those fields (particularly embedded systems) also get you a lot of the experience.

The flavor of coding you want to do is a major factor here--lower-level development (particularly embedded systems work) is much easier to get into as an EE (and a heck of a lot more applicable than most CS work). If you want to be a nuts-on-bolts applications developer, then get in line behind the cheap foreign workers (if large company).

Comment Re:The Question is Incorrect (Score 1) 515

Like I said, I'm a university student. I live at school for 14-16 weeks at a time twice a year, and the rest of the time I live either at "home" - a rural exurb of nowhere that I never considered a home because my family moved me there involuntarily at a late age - or wherever I can find work. This means that I don't really have a single address where I live for multiple years at a time right now. I don't even really have a permanent home that I live in the majority of the time, because while I live at uni most of the time, they kick us out of university housing between semesters and make us pick new housing each year.

I'm not actually sure that I can legally count as a resident of anywhere at all.

Comment Re:"a ways" to go? From a veteran editor... (Score 1) 279

There's no explanation. Not only is it an idiom, it's really not considered completely correct -- "informal" is what the dictionaries call it. Personally, I avoid it in writing if not in speech, but it's fairly common in the US, at least. I think it was originally dialectal, meaning it originated in one particular region of the country.

Comment Re:Ok, but (Score 1, Informative) 1138

Telling Americans to do something because Europe's been doing it is a lot like telling a 5-year-old not to go near the cookie jar.

This seems confused. Telling a kid not to go near the cookie jar usually leads them to doing so anyway. But this goes contrary to your point which is that telling Americans that Europeans are doing it will mean they won't want to do it.

Comment Re:Web development is hard for even talented peopl (Score 1) 279

I recently tried out basically all the calendering programs available as native applications on OS X and linux that had a chance of being able to sync with the iphone calender (which can use a standard webdav protocol for syncing). I wound up settling on Google's calender, which is a web application (even though it has had its own issues). (I used remind, and its curses front-end wyrd, for years, but no caldav sync there.)

Comment Re:another reason to encourage people to abandon I (Score 1) 128

They've already committed themselves to SVG support in IE9, though I don't remember anything about MathML it doesn't interest me directly so I may have just ignored/overlooked that bit.

As far as WP implementing it ... does the current software work and fill the needs that need to be filled? If so perhaps they simply did the intelligent thing and didn't try to fix what was working fine.

You'll find a lot of people don't upgrade software just because someone rewrote it.

Comment Re:Manual Override (Score 1) 360

You have a car without manual door locks in it? I'm pretty sure thats illegal in the states for obvious safety reasons. I've seen plenty without manual window controls but thats a little different since you should be able to open the door and you can certainly break the window with the headrest on your seat. (Pull it out and use the metal posts that hold it in the seat back)

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