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Comment Re:its' about fun (Score 1) 369

Running into walls is great as a kid, then you take calculus, learn about Zeno, his paradox and the concept of limits.

It is here where childhood fails you, and you learn the concept of running toward a wall, and missing.

In douglas adams terms: "The knack of flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss."

Comment Re:Thats really cheap (Score 1) 298

It does happen in the US, not often, to be sure. But paying someone to take your electricity does happen on the east coast of the US, on the wholesale level.

I only know for PJM , and only when I happen to be watching. So I only know about a few single incidents. The few times I have seen it were on mild temp nights in the fall. I have also seen cold winter evenings where electric peaked at > $500 MW

Comment Re:Supreme Court has already ruled on this (Score 1) 527

Agree that the finding, "that FSMism is not a 'religion' within the meaning of the relevant federal statutes and constitutional jurisprudence.", will be upheld.

But he should have stopped there, rather than continuing and formally ruling it ,"a parody". This is what opened both him, and decision, to such criticism.

Comment Re:Don't Be Evil (Score 1) 432

It already does, most, if not all, new cars rely one engine control units which run software. ODB is a software protocol. Airbags, tire pressure sensors, and anti-lock brakes are all under some level of software control.

Infineon makes a reversible seatbelt pretensioner mcu.

Software bug liability is well understood by the auto industry.

Comment Re:Let's all start running now! (Score 1) 421


The entire lower 20% of the state, and everything within 200 km of Miami is a river. There is nowhere to put the water. The only reason that it is not completely tidal is because the 'mountain-top' lake at 4 meters of elevation is being drained just fast enough to keep the saltwater (mostly) in the ocean and gulf.

The land in that part of the world is being carefully flooded in the most gentle way that the Army Corps of Engineers can manage.

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