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Submission + - An Official Social Engineering Framework (

loganWHD writes: The launch of an Official Social Engineering Framework was announced on Sept 16, 2009. Industry experts from fields such as law enforcement, psychiatry, penetration testing, social engineering and more have come together to build the Framework. It incorporates many aspects of social engineering from many different types of backgrounds and influences.

Submission + - Social Engineering Framework released ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Yesterday was the launch of the webs first social engineering framework. Looks to be pretty good so far, and not another "how to rip off best buy" site. Looks to be modeled off of the pentesters framework, but has a lot of application far beyond penetration testing. Plus, with the uptick of these sorts of attacks, looks to be very relevant today.

Comment Re:Its not rocket surgery... (Score 1) 865

This is probably the best advice I've seen so far, especially the part about quitting or moving closer. I've got a far away job too, but thankfully I've become a telecommuter most of the time. Anyway... Why not do some short exercises at the NOC? You get a lunch break or 15 minute breaks here and there, right? A set of push-ups or crunches take under a minute to complete. There's got to be a electronic copy of the Army PT Manual somewhere on the internet.

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