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Comment Re:Self-hosting is an alternative (Score 1) 61

I thought about setting up an apache server and going with the self hosting option. I decided to just give up on RSS completely. I realized that I was wasting too much time reading blogs and news and not reading books. Ultimately, there are very few websites that I feel the need to check regularly. I can count them on one hand. I do now read Google News more. I like the new variety it gives me that I wasn't getting with just my chosen feeds.

Comment Re:New Coke? (Score 2) 786

There will surely be some OEMs who do survive. They might be selling ChromeOS or Android laptops. But these will be stop gap measures at best until Microsoft gets their act back together for the next version of Windows. Neither OS has the critical mass necessary to compete with windows in the next few years. Perhaps in the future though.

Comment Re:"anarchist and radical libertarian" (Score 1) 717

Capitalists wouldn't need massive armies. Just competing private security companies. I do agree there would be a practical limit to how much property one person could reasonably defend. Therefore we would generally have a more egalitarian distribution of wealth than under the state.

State capitalism and state socialism are just different forms of a planned economy. There is a clear difference between state capitalism and liberal, laissez-faire capitalism.

Comment Smartphone with hdmi (Score 1) 100

I have no need to purchase a set top box. My Android smartphone with hdmi cable and bluetooth trackpad is good enough to watch pretty much any content I want from my living room couch. The one thing I wish I could do is somehow turn my Android phone into a Clear QAM tuner and use it to watch the free tv channels from my internet cable with an Android based XMBC app. I know there are usb tuner cards out there, maybe someone could make these work with an Android micro usb port.

I do realize there are a steadily shrinking minority of a few people who don't already have a recent smartphone or tablet with hdmi capability. I guess they must be the ones who are targeted by the set top box market.

Comment Re:Yes, it's an industry-wide problem (Score 4, Insightful) 211

How many good programmers actually exist who are capable of writing secure code in C++? And out of them, how many will still make simple errors like an occasional buffer overrun? Even if you're a "good" programmer there will be lapses in judgement or things that are just overlooked.

I do largely agree with your comment about keeping it out of the browsers though.

Comment Re:Collateralized vs Non-Collateralized Loans (Score 1) 461

Profite motive? Really? Private education is virtually non-existent, except for a handful of church-run schools. The vast majority of people go to a publicly funded primary and secondary education, then attend a publicly funded university, underwritten by loans which are mostly provided by the government itself or government-backed institutions. It's hard to imagine how much more funded by The People it could get.

Comment Re:They get it (Score 1) 404

Why not buy it used? I usually get the itch to upgrade when prices start to drop around or below $300. Then sell my older phone. Recently I just found someone to trade my galaxy nexus + $75 for an almost new galaxy s3. So now I have a more recent phone without being stuck on a new contract.

Comment Re:Because you need your phone as the remote. (Score 1) 273

I use my android phone, a galaxy s3 that I recently picked up used off contract, as my media device. Before that it was my galaxy nexus that I also got second hand. When I get home from work I plug it right in to my tv with hdmi. With my bluetooth keyboard and trackpad I'm good to go. I don't need to use the phone as a remote when I have a trackpad.

IF you primarily use it as a media device, and you already own a fairly recent smartphone, there is no need for a Pi or Apple TV or anything else. If you want to build robots and circuit boards in your spare time, then go with a Pi.

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