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Comment Control/command ? (Score 4, Insightful) 501

What do you mean by:

I just need something to work with the mechanical equipment it controls

Apparently you just don't need a run of the mill desktop linux distro, but some special purpose to control some hardware, right ? The good news is that all linux systems are more or less equivalent for that. The bad news is: what is you equipment ? Does it support Linux ? Do you need to write software for it or are you provided drivers ? If the latter you should ask your hardware provider what they recommend, not us.

Comment Re:They are concerned about lost tax revenue? (Score 1) 365

Where is it written that a government *MUST* tax sales?

The way I see it is that if your taxe system is simple, plenty of people find workarounds and don't (legally) pay taxes. Then you close that loophole and tax what they were doing. Rinse, repeat and you end up with a 5 thousand page tax system only experts working for Apple understand and they are the only ones not (legally) paying taxes at this point. In other words I see this complexity of the tax system as necessary evil and advocates of 'flat tax' or other 'simple' systems as idiots.

Comment Are billboards illegal in your parts ? (Score 1) 110

There are entire countries where billboards are illegal (Brazil), countries where they are illegal outside of cities (France), and many cities where they are forbidden (like my own). Why ? Well, it breaks down to this: either they work or they don't work. If they don't work, then what's the point ? Get rid of them. If they work, then it means they steal some of your attention span while you should be paying attention to your driving, so they should be illegal. And they are ugly.

Comment Re:Sick of the trick questions on interviews (Score 1) 1001

As an embedded developer I've been asked to sit on interviews a few times. I usually ask one 'trick question': "what is a volatile in C". If they don't know, then I'm pretty sure they have never read a hardware register. And none ever answered. Obviously we ended up hiring the asshole with fascist and complotist views... Sigh...

Comment And yet still used as cattle feed (Score 2) 91

No matter how many studies about antibiotics resistance, still in the US they keep on feeding antibiotics to cattle to make them grow slightly faster to make slightly more money. All this at the long term risk of killing most of us. No, that's not hyperbole: before the invention of antibiotics, one skin infection out of 9 was deadly. Yes, a bit of pus in a scrape, deadly one time out of 9, let that soak in (the idea, not the pus).

I remember a discussion about that here on ./ a decade ago where a moron was defending this feeding, saying "no studies have shown any risk". Then a few years later some studies started tracing out the DNA origin of some resistances and pinpointed them to some US industrial farms, I wanted to find our exchange of posts and rub it in "told you so", but ./ message search sucks ass and I could never find them.

Comment Re: Great idea... But there is a problem... (Score 1) 317

visibility is a couple kilometers

First, thanks for your very interesting posts. Do you mean visibility at ground level or at the altitude where the pressure is 1atm ? If the former, then why did the Russian probes only show pictures with about one meter of visibility ?
Personally I really liked the idea put forward at the end of K.S.R.'s Blue Mars: put a gigantic thin (monomolecular) film at L1 between Venus and the sun to lower the solar input and let Venus atmosphere condense to the ground.

Comment Re:Holy communion in space (Score 2) 154

Yeah, I don't really understand this rule. It's not like you pee alcohol after drinking it, it's transformed by the body (acetaldehyde, then acetyl).

Also I tested a water recycler for a year while in Antarctica, which was intended for space use (it was an ESA model, probably different from the NASA one), and there was no limit to the amount of alcohol we could drink (fortunately!!!), yet the only issue was with some shampoo and urine: we had to use the officially sanctioned shampoo and we were forbidden to pee in the shower ! Well, now that I think of it, it could have been due to the high alcohol content ! No, seriously, IIRC it was the urea which would damage the reverse osmosis filters.

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