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Comment Re:just one teeny tiny difference.... (Score 2) 90

Wrong. Thanks to orbital mechanics, you have a lot of inertia to shed, and thus need to accelerate in the opposite direction, spending precious fuel before you can hit the atmosphere again. Or wait years / forever for atmospheric friction to slow you down, depending on the altitude of your orbit.

Comment It's not a philosophical conundrum... (Score 1) 365

If I paid for the car you can be damn sure I want it to prioritize my safety over some outsider's. Particularly since they may have caused the problem themselves (assuming that the car AI has very high safety). Imagine if it was the opposite: anybody could jump in front of the car and laugh as it swerves and crashes into a tree to avoid you...

Comment Re:no, use trackpoints (Score 1) 183

I completely fail at using a trackpoint. It takes a whole minute to move the mouse from one place to another, and it goes all over the place too, so you can forget about any kind of precision move. That thing is simply impossible to use and I have NO idea how you do it, nor have I seen anyone actually use it.

What I'd want is the option to have several types of trackpads available when you order a laptop. One with buttons on bottom and top (for the trackpoint); one larger with buttons only at the bottom (that's what I prefer); and one larger still, clickable but with no buttons (my wife has that and I hate it, the mouse moves every time you click and right-clicks are hit or miss).

I'm just surprised they haven't yet found a way to render the entire surface below the keyboard as some kind of trackpad, with detection when you use the keyboard.

Comment Re:Kubuntu (Score 1) 78

On one of my many systems I performed the upgrade from kubuntu to neon as indicated and it worked but it was a close call with a lot of breakage for a while. Several iterations of update / upgrade / dist-upgrade in a console were necessary before the dust settled (had to remove kde-destop). Seems to be working fine now. Lots of visible differences.

Comment Re:Kubuntu (Score 1) 78

2 questions:
- is it possible to go from the current Kubuntu version to Neon without breaking anything ?
- how stable is Neon and is it one of those pet projects that'll die off as soon as his only maker graduates from high school ?

Comment Re:Brazil's biggest city is ahead: NO BILLBOARDS (Score 4, Interesting) 131

I also live in a city that has banned billboards. And I completely understand the logic. Either they work and they catch your attention while you should be focused on driving, hence they should be banned. Or their don't work, so they are useless (and ugly), hence they should be banned.

The only negative is that there is less revenue for the city through billboard taxes, hence more taxes for the rest of us.

Comment Re:Economic growth (Score 1) 121

This is entirely up to the laws to keep in check. Look, there aren't too many ways to do this. You either mount a revolution, kill the rich or despoil them (like during the French revolution) and reboot the system with new laws. Or you tweak the laws, for instance with heavy taxes on the rich, so that there's redistribution and no multi-generational accumulations of riches and land.

Comment Pot meet kettle (Score 3, Insightful) 106

So, now that the pot has met the kettle, can those goons finally get their security agencies to actually do defence instead of offence ? By that I mean get the NSA, GCHC, etc to find vulnerabilities, yes, but actually use their clout to FORCE vendors to fix them (jailtime for root/root accounts on routers ?). And get ISPs to shut down the bots running on their networks. And shut down the spammers and malware peddlers that can't be that hard to find. It's for everyone's benefit, including those cabinet ministers who fear their watch...

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