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Comment Re:Make it illegal (Score 1) 1199

This is an insanely defensive response to a simple congratulatory comment. How do you know the person commenting was the type of person you describe? I, for instance, would congratulate that person in the exact same fashion. Not because I am some evangelical anti-smoking crusader, but because I managed to successfully quit six months ago, as did my partner, upon finding out we were going to be parents. We struggled immensely to quit; kudos to you that it takes no effort on your part! For others it does, and for the record, the evangelical anti-smoking crowd absolutely drives me insane as well! That doesn't mean somebody who accomplishes what they set out to do, when that thing is incredibly difficult (for many others, if not for you), does not deserve an attaboy. Nor does it mean the person giving it is some self-righteous wannabe nanny. To the quitter, congratulations ma'am or sir! It's a hard thing, and a great accomplishment to stop.

Comment Re:In other words, we should give up. (Score 1) 2247

No more low income housing? GREAT! Section 8ers get into the program as a result of horrible lifestyle choices and ruin any neighborhood that will let them in. People who can't afford those places should move to where they *can* afford, rather than jumping the queue in front of people willing to pay for those spots. There is *always* affordable housing if you're willing to look; federal assistance just crowds out the prime spots.

Jesus. Just, jesus, you are fucking disgusting. With this mindset good people, good fucking people I know personally who've done nothing more than commit the crime of getting SICK while being poor, would be homeless and soon, probably, dead.

Just say what you really mean: Fuck you, I got mine. I'm a home owner, I pay property taxes, I'm not in debt. Just because I haven't had anything catastrophic happen in my life doesn't make me better than those you very clearly view as mud people.

Comment Re:Which is what, exactly? (Score 1) 2247

If I have a choice between starving to death, or stealing from you (who for the sake of this argument have an excess of food), I will cheerfully steal your food, by force if necessary, rather than die. Scale this up, and you have society. And there is nothing wrong with this. You don't have any more "right" to sit on excess than I have a "right" to steal it. Greatest good for the greatest number, this is why we don't still live in fucking caves.

Comment Re:Which is what, exactly? (Score 1) 2247

Because we all pay taxes, we are all citizens of one country, and your argument just falls apart as you follow it to it's logical conclusion (why should I pay for a school in the poor part of town, I don't even live there!) We tried the Articles of Confederation, it was a miserable failure.

Comment Re:Nice try. (Score 2) 314 realize, of course, that the "bread-and-circuses" existed to keep the quite literally starving poor from tearing the rich limb from limb and possibly actually consuming them, right? And that "entitlements" exist because all of the personal responsibility in the world doesn't keep bad things from happening to good, responsible people? I realize that fiscal conservatism is the hip new thing these days, but seriously, this conversation benefits in no way from these cheap little shots at what you obviously view as "liberal" politics.

Comment Re:Price point creeping up (Score 1) 638

You know what the "dickering around" is? You bring it to an AASP (they're all over the fricking place, you can find them right on the apple support website by plugging in your zipcode). They run diagnostics. They check the serial number. If the system is in-warranty they perform the repair, no questions asked, no charge. Done. I know, it's tough, right?

Comment Re:Price point creeping up (Score 2, Informative) 638

I have absolutely no idea how you got moderated +5 Interesting. Almost all of what you say is wrong, except perhaps that you bought a Mac Mini and own a TV. The RAM is user upgradeable on this model. You can use any USB wired or wireless input devices; I use a logitech internet desktop 250 set; the pair cost me $7.50. That leaves me at price plus $7.50. I have a 19" Viewsonic LCD I use with the system, which can be had for around ~$100 these days. The warranty is 1 year in the US; I can't imagine where you live that you wouldn't get at least that. And of course they told you that you were SOL; a hard drive failure is (1) Expected (you did expect that, just like you would for any machine, right?) (2) Out of Apple's control (they don't manufacture them, and neither does any of the other computer manufacturers) (3) Not major. Any SATA laptop HDD will do, ~$50 will get your machine running again.

I am an ACMT, and I manage the service department of an AASP (Apple Authorized Service Provider). I in fact DO know what I'm talking about.

Comment Re:What are they going to do? (Score 1) 1217

I also have quite a bit of experience with the MLTI program, and know most of the key players. It wasn't 'cutting people out of the loop.' It was, quite simply, that they wanted AASPs (Apple Authorized Service Providers) to do all the repair work because they were guaranteed to have actual Apple certified techs on hand, had the ability to properly document all repairs and order correct replacement components for faulty hardware, etc.

As for the AASPs that were dumped from the authorized list, this was purely due to the fact that they couldn't perform at the level required; either the work was poor, the turnaround times were too long, etc.

Comment Re:But Apple has solved that problem. (Score 1) 756

So going back to my real question, can you use iTunes while browsing the web or reading a book? I was marked flamebait, which pisses me off to no end, because as far as I know this is impossible with the lack of multi-tasking and I was simply asking a question based on the information we know so far. I would love to hear that I'm wrong here, but from everything I've read this is currently impossible.

Comment Re:But Apple has solved that problem. (Score 1) 756

I don't understand why I was marked Flamebait. Seriously, can I use iTunes while using the iBook functionality? If I can't, isn't my question completely valid? Really, this is an issue for me, and I was asking a question.

From all the information I've seen, I cannot run iTunes while reading a book or casually browsing the web. This would be my biggest usage for this device. Can you do this on an iPad? I know I can on an iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, generic x86 netbook, generic PC, etc. Why is it flamebait to suggest this is a problem for me? I have seen absolutely no information to indicate that I can do this with this device. If you have information indicating that's this is possible, please point me to this information, because I would like to know. In all honesty it would seriously impact my (current) decision not to purchase this device

I don't know why you were marked 'informative,' since, unless you are secretly Steve Jobs, I doubt you have one of these.

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