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Comment Re:The hills are alive... (Score 3, Informative) 248

> The hills are alive...

True. Topsoil is several percent bacteria by weight.

> What assurances do we have that the bacteria won't mutate, self-replicate, or
> turn against its master in the form of some horrendous new super-bug that
> makes the 20,000 land-mine casualties a year seem like a drop in a bucket?

None. And the sames goes for the millions of other species of bacteria that infest every square meter of the Earth's surface.

Comment Re:Why it's more dangerous. (Score 1) 263

Fair enough, but did you check on the flux of cosmic rays of this energy? It's 1 per square kilometer per century. Cosmic rays with 10^20 eV happen, but very infrequently. Obviously as you go lower in energy, the higher the flux, so particles that are significantly affected by the solar wind and earth's magnetic field dominate the cosmic ray spectrum. I never thought I could use this knowledge for anything, good to see I didn't waste 5 years of my life. Oh wait...

Comment Re:Translation (Score 4, Interesting) 238

>>>Surely there we're games/shareware apps that did that before this patent too.

Please name them. I'm not aware of any that predate 1993 (when the inventor originally tried to sell his idea to MS). Most of the software of that time used the following methods to enable trialware: Let you play a level and then type in a "code" from a book or wheel. -or- Allow software to be used but disabled if you did not have the mechanical dongle on the rear of the machine.

This inventor's idea was different in that it allowed online registration via phoneline dialup or internet connection.

Comment Re:One wonders if reversible computing will help (Score 1) 246

Honestly, "maintaining the network connection and drawing to the screen" is about all the current- and last-gen smartphones are capable of in software. Absolutely everything else is done in hardware or DSPs and can be (and is) turned off at will.

So Symbian, OSX, Maemo, Android, and so on are just figments of our imagination? I can't really run Python on my phone?

Comment not targeted for the same users / devices (Score 1) 108

the moblin site advertises it for netbooks and "netttops". netbooks have laptop-like batteries which are orders of magnitude more powerful than those in true mobile devices. nettops are "very small form factor , inexpensive, low-wattage desktop computers" (from wikipedia).

even on android which puts a lot of design into getting the most out of your battery, you can easily shoot yourself in the foot by running the simplest process continuously. people don't understand how tiny and weak mobile batteries are. trying to run any "normal" operating system on it is going to fail for that reason.

Comment Re:SCI (Score 1) 69

There are a significant amount of Sierra and LucasArts style new-release games coming from hobbyists using Adventure Game Studio. There are only a couple of re-makes of classics, but if you just appreciate adventure games in general give it a try. Windows only? I remember someone there talking about Linux games a while back but don't know what the support is like for that.

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