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Comment What is the Enter key supposed to do? (Score 2) 89

but seriously: the problem does not seem that serious at all: encrypted media are still encrypted and what you get is like a rescue shell. You can damage the encrypted media, but this is the case as soon as there is physical access to the machine. TFA says you can install a keylogger but if you have physical access you can plug in the logger between keyboard and usb even faster.

Comment not much special about diamonds (Score 2) 23

diamonds are not that seldom and there are a number of well known process to artificially create them. The tingle of luxury or uniqueness about them is due to a well guarded monopoly on the supply and distribution side and fine marketing. Linking the mineral to engagement in a mainstream sexually repressive culture like they have in large parts of NA was a mature feat for deBeers and basically it is frustrated testosterone which gives the tingle and wow to all those diamond stories like this one.

Comment Re:IoT (Score 1) 59

gonna be fun then,
for we'll have to root the fridge, the smart bulbs, the smoke detectors, each of them or we cannot change the hosts file.
Now with evry downloaded firmware update your lightbulbs (each of them) go into blinking mode and, since they are rooted and cannot install the update silently, you have to address and fastboot them, one by one, and then re-root, and then reinstall the edited hosts file, and reboot the bulb.
Possible, but not feasable

Comment Re:IoT (Score 1) 59

was'nt it the smart tv which sends a live stream of the living room to servers in Korea?
Now of course the IT guys there will do the same thing Snowden reported of the NSA folks, sharing the best among themselves. Sooner or later those find their way to a tumblr of xhamster, posted from there to your fav pr0n chat and that's how you get to lnow your wife's lovers.
And vice versa.
In the long run this will void a lot of hyprocisy

Comment Like it would matter much (Score 1) 170

If a key which is in the hands of a company (Apple, Huawei, ...) is your only line of defence WRT the security/privacy of content you supply or save, then you should regard this content to be public and open for preying eyes already. I think it is called "trusted" in that negative, military sense.
Just like email sent to a account or company secrets in an office365 account. Your grandma and neighbour won't get there, police/law enforcement will have sever problems. But 3LetterAgencies of many governments will read it if they want to.

Comment Re:no (Score 1) 272

I installed the technical preview into a virtual machine but then I forgot about it and never started the thing for all these months. I'l probably 'upgrade' one of the win7 vm but I'm not in a hurry.

I think I will celebrate the big day in my own way, about time to upgrade KDE 4 to KDE5...

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