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Comment Everything violates copyright (Score 1) 282

Linking to someone's website: violates copyright. Making your own game server from scratch that World of Warcraft servers could connect to: violates copyright. Modifying your game console so it can play your homebrewed software: violates copyright. Not saying 'bless you' when someone sneezes: violates copyright. Passing gas in an elevator: violates copyright.

Everything violates copyright! Let's just get rid of all the other laws. Everything is copyright now.


Comment The problem is... (Score 1) 190

... that the OEMs are controlling your OS in the first place.

PCs have this problem, too, where the OEM puts a really crappy version of the OS on your device before they ship it, but at least there's a straightforward method to replace it with the stock OS of your choice. No need to 'root' your PC or void your warranty or lose your support or visit suspicious sites.

It's time for the OEMs to stop trying to control their customers' choice in software. It's time for them to adopt a standardized boot loader and just release drivers (or better yet, hardware 'drivers' in the form of a standard compatibility layer) so that the consumer isn't forced to choose their software and their hardware as an inseparable bundle.

Comment Is this a prelude to requiring official Google FW? (Score 1) 163

How does it make a determination of corruption? What if you want to change those sensitive files intentionally? What if you want to install a customized version made by a modder that does something cool? How is it able to distinguish your willful changes from changes that malware made? Is it going to examine the files and compare them against legitimate, official versions?

This is reminding me very much of the rhetoric surrounding UEFI, how making it so people can only boot code that has been signed by Microsoft is 'Secure Booting,' and will prevent malware.

Comment You got that backward (Score 2) 37

ReVive lets you play Oculus games on the HTC Vive, not HTC Vive games on the Oculus.

Here's the description on the ReVive GitHub page:
"This is a compatibility layer between the Oculus SDK and OpenVR. It allows you to play Oculus-exclusive games on your HTC Vive."

OpenVR (HTC Vive's primary standard) is already ported to work with the Oculus, so it's already not that difficult to get a game ported to Oculus if it's designed for the HTC Vive, but chances are if it's designed for the HTC Vive, you're not apt to be playing it on the Oculus anyway, because Oculus doesn't support the HTC Vive's room-scale gameplay, which almost all games are taking advantage of.

Comment Corporate Tax (Score 1) 780

I think this article is referring to corporate tax, which is like a double-tax. First, Google the corporation collects money and their profits are taxed (but apparently they use some clever trickery to get around several billion in taxes). And then it's taxed *again* when the employees collect their wages, or the investors collect their dividends.

If Google was a sole proprietorship (Like a mom and pop business), then they would be able to avoid 100% of their corporate taxes.

Google's founders must have believed that the benefits of incorporation outweighed all the extra tax burden, but they didn't take it lying down, it seems. They're doing whatever they can to reduce how much they have to pay.

Comment It probably stinks anyway (Score 1) 403

I avoid officially supported Linux versions, because vendors tend to modify the stock linux distributions in unfortunate ways (such as binary kernel modules and other hacks).

If I had to choose between a laptop with all open hardware, but windows vs. a laptop with binary drivers and crapware, with linux.. I would choose the former every time, because I can just wipe that out and put a shiny new stock Linux on it.

I'm not saying that I know for sure that this particular product is one way or another, but I've been burned in the past so now I'm wary of officially supported Linux products.

Comment Re:Boatware (Score 1) 403

I would agree with your sentiment if making it work with Windows was free, but it's not.

It's true that getting it to work with two operating systems is more expensive for them than getting it to work with one operating system, but after they did all that work, they chose to increase the price of only one of the two offerings.

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