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Comment COBOL programmers aren't all old (Score 1) 226

There's a COBOL shop in my small town that contracts for corporations and the government. I know several COBOL specialists in their 30s. It's actually an extremely lucrative field to get into these days, with good pay and job security.

Rewriting all that COBOL code in some other language would be bound to cause major problems.

Comment Re:Regulation (Score 3, Insightful) 168

As a rider, I don't give a fuck WHY it's cheaper for me. Cab companies here flat suck. I suffered permanent injury because of one stranding me, forcing me to walk several miles in bad conditions before Uber.

In general it's less than half what the cab companies charge here (south florida). Not counting tips.

Comment Doesn't ring true. (Score 2) 168

Now I normally take shorter rides, but I've never once seen the proposed/priced route be anything other than I would expect. The price has (unless I absolutely had to get a ride at peak) been anywhere near excessive.

I have had drivers (mostly Haitian cabbies moonlighting or trying to switch) that do not use the Uber provided guidance (or any at all since they're using their phone to talk to their families in Creole) and take typical cabbie routes instead (way too long for the trip). Those drivers get a 1 to get them out of the pool as fast as possible.

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