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Submission + - US House Passes Ron Paul Bill To Audit The Fed (

damn_registrars writes: "By a vote of 327 — 98, the US House Of Representatives passed a bill today authored by Ron Paul to audit the federal reserve bank. This has been a primary platform for the Texas Republican for some three decades now. The bill is not currently slated to be considered in the Senate, however."

Submission + - Lenovo CEO Gives $3M Bonus To Employees (

damn_registrars writes: "Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing received a $3,000,000 bonus for the healthy finances of his company this past year. The bonus is not unusual for top executives, however what he did was. Yuanqing gave the entire $3M to lower-level employees (including on the assembly line) at Lenovo. For some of the employees, he gave them the equivalent of another month's pay.
Yuanqing receives an annual salary of $14M, so he won't be poor without the bonus by anyone's measure. However his giving away the $3M bonus was not something that many other CEOs have opted for in recent memory."


Submission + - Weird Al Rejected By Lady Gaga over Parody Request (

damn_registrars writes: "Or, maybe not. In an Weird Al's WordPress Site it appears now that Lady Gaga has herself approved the parody — it seems to have been originally rejected by someone who was "representing" the artist. Weird Al credits the internet support for bringing the light to it. I for one was looking forward to seeing an new outbreak of the Streisand Effect..."
The Internet

Dial-Up Users "Don't Want Broadband" 593

Barence writes "The majority of dial-up Internet users say they don't want to upgrade their connection to broadband, according to a new study in the US. The Pew Internet & American Life research found that 62% of dial-up users had no interest in upgrading to a high-speed connection." (CNN is carrying the AP's story on the study, too.)

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