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Journal Journal: Repeal, repeal, repeal says the GOP 40

I'm pretty sure I predicted this months (if not longer) ago, but now some Trump supporters are working hard to build momentum for repealing the 19th amendment . They don't seem terribly concerned about the fact that they would have pretty well zero chance of pulling it off between now and election day, and any effort to do it after would be even more futile. I might be over-generalizing here but I doubt the 20 women in the senate or the 84 in the house would be enthusiastic about repealing their own right to vote, even if it prevented Hillary from becoming the first female president.

Journal Journal: The Latest DrudgeDot Let-Down 2

Slashdot was energizing their base over a supposed anti-Clinton wikileaks dump to hit today and the truth ended up being there is no big dump for today (note that even foxnews said "October Surprise fails" in regards to this). Slashdot readers may be able to take solace, though, in that apparently fox news is rescheduling this year's election to maximize opportunity to bring in revenue:

information regarding the presidential election "every week for the next 10 weeks."

Which if my calendar is correct puts us at the week of December 13th.

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Journal Journal: What the? Where am I? 5

I don't know if someone accidentally nuked the mod-ban list or what, but I checked the front page today and I see I have moderator points.

A whole five of them, but moderator points no less.

I can say that based on my own comments indeed I have been commenting somewhat less often on here, so that may have made a difference. I guess if the front page here was more tech and less conservative FUD I would be likely to comment more often again...

Journal Journal: DrudgeDot Rides Again 26

We had some solid reality-stomping conservative nuttery on the front page here just yesterday, yet it only pulled in 590 comments (as of my writing this JE). I'm surprised there wasn't more circle-jerk action going on over that. While Trump doesn't exactly have hte slashdot base whipped up in a frenzy the way that had core fascists like Ron Paul routinely would, there is no doubt that the majority of slashdot commenters will happily parade to the polls to vote for Trump.

Reading through the comments, one commenter pointed out a pretty significant reason to doubt the survey entirely:

"The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) is a politically conservative non-profit association founded in 1943 to "fight socialized medicine and to fight the government takeover of medicine"

Which matches The wikipedia entry on the same group that orchestrated this "survey"


Journal Journal: The Kevlar Kandidate Launches His 2020 Kampaign

This didn't take long. While technically this is a campaign stop for Mike Pence's suicide tour, the more experienced Kevlar Kandidate knows an opportunity when he sees it.

The only thing Pence got right in this stop is that Drumpf won't be there. The Kevlar Kandidate however knows this is a can't-lose situation for himself; if he manages to deliver Wisconsin to Drumpf (who will still lose the national election) he will get credit for pulling off a successful voter-suppression effort. If Drumpf doesn't win, Kevlar can say it was because the anti-Drumpf movement in his state was too strong. Either way he keeps his own brand in front of the TV cameras a little longer before he takes up residence in Iowa in December.

Journal Journal: That's quite a news collection, there 6

The most recent Benghazi "investigation" released its conclusions today. Of course, its conclusions are no different from the 7 other investigations from the government, or the large number of non-governmental investigations into the same matter. What is more interesting is where the spin machines are already going with the announcement:

There was also a response from the democrats that got a little attention as well:

I'm still waiting for someone to post a new "smoking gun" to the front page of slashdot in response to all of this. I'd be surprised if there isn't a breitbart or newsmax link on this on the slashdot front page by mid-afternoon.


Journal Journal: Fear one for the Gipper! 105

Last week when some of the House Democrats momentarily grew some things that were vaguely spine-like, I posed the question of what Speaker Paul Ryan was fearing. After all, in spite of the Democrats attempt to get a vote on the House floor, the GOP had a slam dunk on the matter as the bills had absolutely no chance whatsoever of passing.

It occurred to me some time later that I was not asking the correct question - or was not seeing the situation for what it was. I overlooked the fact that for some time now, the GOP thrives on fear itself, no matter how irrational. After all, many republicans for some time have gone out of their way to remind us of how very scary the middle name of our POTUS is.

Naturally, while they had no reason to fear these bills that were being called for voting, they had a need to stir up fear.

The only question that remains is will they be able to pull off an October surprise that stirs up enough fear to swing the election their way. As usual, the incompetence of the Democrats certainly is helping the case of the GOP, as the weakest possible candidate has the Democratic nomination locked in. The GOP just has to make sure they don't accidentally trigger a surprise before the end of July or they will find themselves running against a much stronger candidate.
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Journal Journal: Who is on the side of democracy here? 38

There has been plenty of discussion on the Democrat's sit-in on capital hill, and the GOP response. The first interesting question here though is who is actually on the side of democracy here. The Democrats are not delusional enough to think that these bills actually have a snowball's chance in hell of passing in the house; the republicans will vote together and defeat all of them. Hence the Democrats are asking for a vote so that it can be shown that it was voted on. The GOP is dead set on denying that vote from occurring.

Which leads to the second question - what is Paul Ryan afraid of? He knows these bills won't pass. He can use their failure to pass as another chance to label the Democrats as "out of touch"; he really doesn't have a losing hand here.
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Journal Journal: I can never get libertarians to answer this question... 7

Why is a gold (or other precious material) standard so important for currency; especially considering nobody uses it today?

I've heard a lot of libertarians on slashdot touting the rationale for a return to the gold (or any other commodity) standard for backing currency. I'll admit they have some sense to it, though I'm far from being fully on board. Earlier this week in the discussion on the libertarian endorsement for POTUS it came up again. It came up in a reasonable comment, so I wrote a reply asking for more information.

In particular one of the big challenges I see with it is that no economically important country today uses a gold (or similar) standard for their currency. Even the British Pound Sterling is no longer pegged on a pound (or any other unit of weight) of anything. Now, you can go for the parental argument of "all your friends jumping off a bridge" at this point, which would not be fully invalid. However the matter remains that if it is so terribly unstable to do this then it would reason that we should have had a worldwide economic collapse by now. Similarly if you use a precious metal like gold as the basis of currency - particularly one like gold that is also used in industry - you end up with an ever-decreasing supply of currency. This doesn't bode well on a planet with an ever-increasing population.
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Journal Journal: Sports Authority to Close All Remaining Stores

A while ago they filed for chapter 11. Now they're calling it quits entirely . To abuse Freddy Mercury, another one bites the dust...

This really makes me wish Galyan's would have found a way to say no to being acquired by Dick's. I really haven't been happy with the outcome of that. With Sports Authority going away in my area all we will have left is Dick's.

Journal Journal: Slashdot Conservatives Take a Stance Against Responsibility 4

In the discussion this week on "smart" guns, someone brought up holding gun owners responsible for what their guns are used for. I have been emphatically in support of such measures for some time, and brought it up in response. The number of people who came out to denounce personal responsibility was a bit disturbing.

I never once advocated for taking peoples' guns away, yet several replies claimed otherwise. I simply advocated for criminal charges when people are criminally negligent with their weapons. The rate at which children are killed or greatly wounded by unsecured weapons in this country is at least one child per day. Plenty of people have claimed this to be an insignificant number but more importantly I would like to point out these are 100% preventable deaths that I am concerned with.

You want to own guns? Fine with me. You want to own lots of guns? That's fine, too. You want to carry guns? As long as you have the license of your state, I don't care. I just want you to be responsible with your guns. Don't leave loaded weapons sitting around where people can get them. This is really, really, simple. I'm a gun owner myself, I keep my guns far far away from kids.
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Journal Journal: Drumpf Accidentally Said Something I Agree With 45

I head that Donald Drumpf called out Scott "Kevlar" Walker as being a failure of a governor. That is likely the only thing he has said since declaring his candidacy that I agree with.

He then shoved his foot straight into his mouth on abortion... not that he ever had a chance at getting my vote anyways.

Journal Journal: The "Armed School Security Guard" Question Again 73

I replied to a recent front page article by asking that we consider starting to hold gun owners more responsible for what happens with their weapons when they are not responsible with them. Perhaps because I posted it rather late, that comment pulled in only 4 replies (unsurprisingly none of which were in support). One in particular brought up the conservative meme of putting armed security guards in schools.

Previously I thought that this suggestion was just short-sighted conservatism. It occurred to me though in further inspection that this is likely something more significant. I suspect that this comes up not as an attempt to protect the children, but rather as an attempt to end public education as we know it.

How could that be? It's rather simple, really. Let's say that an armed security guard is paid ~$50k/year. Note that entry-level school teachers make significantly less than that. I've never heard anyone suggest that one guard would be sufficient, they really need to come in pairs if you want them to stop an armed intruder, right? Hence you're already looking at $100k/year for one school. Though how many schools have only one set of doors? Every school I went to had at least three sets of doors through which someone could enter - the front (main) doors, a side door closer to the parking lot, and the third door for outdoor activities for the students to enter and leave through. Now you need a pair of guards at each door; you're looking at $300k/year for each school. High schools often have even more entrances, you could easily surpass $500k/year for guards there.

Yet who will pay for this? The schools can't raise money for it. My sons are in a well-funded district but they are still asked to bring tissues at the start of the year as the school can't afford to supply them. Tissues, to blow their fucking noses into when they aren't feeling well! So now we're talking about laying off 6-8 teachers per school to pay for armed guards, which will of course increase class sizes.

And don't pretend that this can be done by volunteers. Who has time and competency to do this for free? Do you really want kids defended by retirees carrying semi-automatic weapons? Of course not.

What I find interesting about this though is that the people who are trying to do this to shut down public education have other options. They can send their kids to private schools, or they can home school them. If they don't like the property / school taxes where they live, they can go move to somewhere that has lower taxes.

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