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Journal damn_registrars's Journal: Michele Bachmann "literally" Steps In It 10

Well, at least by her sense of "literally", she does.

As pointed out in the above-linked story:

LITERALLY. ACTUALLY. The news that these words are just being used indiscriminately as intensifiers has pushed Grandma to bludgeon herself to death with a literal thesaurus. Or even a metaphorical thesaurus.

Of course she is certainly not the first conservative nutjob to literally not give a shit about the English language when it gets in the way of her metaphorical quest to destroy the Obama white house.

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Michele Bachmann "literally" Steps In It

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  • Literarily. Has anyone actually READ that legislation, and lived?
  • Please... Their job is to play the clown and make the white house and the dems look good, and to keep people from looking for an alternative to either. This 'opposition' is a very thin facade while they all buy time to do like Cyprus on your bank account. In politics and business they take what the 'market will bear', meaning they get away with what they can, which makes it a reflection on us who put up with it and dutifully keep the Party in power.

    • On MY bank account? Haha! The joke's on them, there's nothing IN my bank account!

      That said, our choice at the polls for a long time has been between incompetent democrats and lying evil republicans. I'll take incompetent any time and hope for the best :)
      • Ah yes, the herding instinct, safety in the middle, don't do anything rash... You actually think the democrats are incompetent? I can't believe you're not dragging a line...

        • You actually think the democrats are incompetent?

          If you compare what they have actually done, to what they have declared to be their goals, the rational conclusion is that they are incompetent.

          Of course, one could also go all conspiracy theory on it and claim that they are actually after something distinctly different from their campaign promises.

          • Okay, so now you dismiss the obvious out of hand with the claim of 'conspiracy theory'. This is the expected response from people who can't admit they're being taken for a ride, an elementary impedance to all social progress and why the status quo is sustained over millennia. In fact it's a fairly common tactic by both sides for discrediting any opposition, as they are there to protect the system itself. Can't really blame them, can we? Personally, I base my 'theories' on history, not on emotional desire. T

            • Okay, so now you dismiss the obvious out of hand with the claim of 'conspiracy theory'

              No. I compare what a party says it wants to do, versus what it actually accomplishes when it has power. The republicans promised us class warfare, evil, and misery; and when they had power they delivered it. The democrats promised us progress and social equality and failed miserably to deliver anything near that when in power. Hence the republicans lived up to their promise of evil and the democrats showed incompetence.

              You are claiming that the democrats were actually lying about their goals, and wan

              • You keep basing your decisions on what the politicians say. I base mine on what they do. That's the evidence on what I go by. The words are a placebo (lie). History bears that out over and over. Your 'logic' is irrational. The democrats deliver what the republicans promise, this, in an effort to diffuse blame with an ever moving, changing target. You too, should read up on the ' rotating villain []' (short version []). What you see as opposition is merely bickering how to achieve the same goal. Eh, whatever, your

      • by unitron ( 5733 )

        I wish I could remember who, so as to give proper credit, but a few years ago someone around here said "The Republicans are the party of evil and the Democrats are the party of stupid."

        The results of bipartisan efforts between them is left as an exercise for the reader.

  • ...for introducing to me the writing of Alexandra Petri.

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