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The Courts

Submission + - Hans Reiser interview -- before confessing

HalWasRight writes: has an interview with Hans Reiser by Stephen Elliott that was given just days before he led authorities to his wife's body.

Five days before the computer genius who killed his wife led police to her body, he was remorseless and angry in defense of his innocence.

Feed Wired: Congress Grills Online Execs on Privacy (

Executives from major Internet players should expect a grilling in a Senate committee hearing today about online privacy, but the company likely to get the most scrutiny is Silicon Valley startup NebuAd, which has been lambasted recently for working with ISPs to track its customers' behavior.

The Media

Submission + - Violent Video Games Do Not Create Violent Children

Reverberant writes: "In a recent On the Media segment (podcast), a Director from the Center for Mental Health and Media at Harvard addresses the concern that violent video games result in gamers engaging in violent behavior real life. After a two year study, the Center came to the conclusion that there is no overall relationship between youth violence and violent video games. More interestingly, the study indicated that children who almost exclusively played violent video games shared the same greater risk toward violent behavior as children who did not play video games at all. The researcher speculates that an excessive tendency toward violent games or an excessive tendency to abstain from video games may both be symptoms of social problems that could lead to violent behavior."

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