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Comment Finishing Statement Its now over (Score -1, Troll) 137

oh its gonna be a flame war i see i dont do those, Just shows how smart you are " i got my answer" mission accomplished and you cant get enough of it. You should see if theres any money in that seriously. but you would fail at beeing a good heckler i doubt you have the intelligence to be a good one. i didnt want to flame i hate flaming and getting labled as troll for saying a real hacker doesnt harm well the hackers i know and they are real and they dont harm. maybe i got it wrong or maybe that definition you fetched is wrong and labled all hackers the same way. It seems to have really done that. "The hackers i know dont harm" they do it for a challenge to find the vulnerability etc the access point they will even tell the operating systems about it,before it gets out. I should of said all hackers arent the same. Ok as this definition has stated. Kevin Mitnick was labled a hacker but for what kinda hacking he done was illegal and he is labled the best. The best dont get caught isnt that the whole objective anyway not to get caught while your doing something in that way, well he got caught. they should of labled him "the best caught hacker" not the best hacker. A hacker would have to know how to program to be any good at it not rely on other peoples kiddie tools or well maybe to cause harm maybe a better hacker made the tool, but a hacker dont give away his trade secrets if he is doing it for harm. ok since i read the definition i totally change my mind but will not lable my friends that for they do not do harm. boy they can surely penetrate a os and they have told me theres a hell of alot of ways in windows. i like these hacking competitions. one beeing the one with ubuntu windows and osx. if you followed what were the one they didnt get into. ill answer ubuntu. osx failed because of safari and windows failed well because its windows. the hackers enjoyed that or they would of not done it right. did they cause harm. NOOOO, Theres even hackers who get paid to do what they do not because they "harm" they find ways in and its totally legal well just depends were you live i guess in the United States it is anyway. The United States have hackers they use some of the caught ones to work for them, why so they dont to prision the rest of there lifes. You got a choice Prision for the rest of your life or work for The US Goverment jeez thats a hard decision if i where a hacker that caused that much harm id say US Goverment and actually get paid for it, they get paid good so ive heard. That definition shouldnt be used to lable all hackers as in saying all hackers cause harm. They dont. Theres more than one type of Hacker i knew this before i made the comment i was just seeing what you people would say and all you come up with is that damn definition. Theres hackers thats good with the telephone aka phreakers, remember the blackbox heh those were the days. I should of said i respect the hackers that dont cause know harm and there reasoning of hacking is for the challenge. If your gonna hack please dont do it for a pointless reason there has to be some stadegy. I got so mad when they labled that kid who got in sarah palins email a hacker, i know how he done it because he lives really close to me, ive followed the story all the kid done is use a yahoo password cracker and got labled a hacker, how pathetic is that. This new world has depressed me. Alot of people believes all hackers cause harm thats not true. some find vulnerabilities and tell operating systems etc about them those are what i call "Real Hackers" there doing good with there craft. did you know you can get a certification to be a hacker its called ethical hacking hmm i knew this but for some reason it helps you to better secure a network. I think its worthless but a degree gets the job not the talent. this would also get you the job in network security say your in the interview and they ask how can you secure my network without a degree, the answer is this by breaking into it and telling you how i did so. if say so company thinks you have to have that certification to prove yourself and they say you have to be certified to do that. Then you say well let me break into your network if your good at what you do you will find a way in,but if your not then the possibilities your not going to unless they have a very unsecure network. but go ahead if you must lable all hackers bad, If you convinced of that nothing is going to change your mind in the first place so such definition is unfair to the hackers who do it for good and to benifit there job in network security. Theres alot of hackers who do it for good not bad and not illegal. And theres some who do it illegal those are a discrace to the type of hacker i respect because they are harming people. If you want to make money im saying this to the ones who do it illegal and are good theres legal ways to make more and no risk of jail. for the pissants who use hacking to hack random people and dont benifit in no way lets say no money, either they have made you real mad but if they have made you that mad go kick there ass, it does wonders and grow up. dont let internet talk bother you, i dont its gibberish of a bunch of pinheads with no life but to insult people on the net. i bet 80 percent of those internet people wouldnt do it to your face see they would have a fear in getting there ass kick they would think twice. And most garbage talkers if you seen them you in person you would laugh so hard you couldnt stop. I simply feel sorry for the ones who insult grow up and please get a life. And if you let it bother you then you got no life to start with. Fact theres diffrent kinds of hackers i gave you examples now are you gonna still lable them all as bad, and this are you gonna say you cant hack legally and make money. if you say its not possible to hack and make money legally, your a pinhead end of story moral of story dont lable all hackers the same. theres more than one kind of hacker, hell we got a breed that just came out they call there selfs iphone hackers and take pride in it to. I guess what ever floats your boat. I hacked my bios so i didnt have to pay for windows so it will allways stay activated and i dont even own that kind of computer i make them believe i do, tiger direct is one hell of a place to buy computer parts there cheaper but i prefer newegg even though there a little higher on things there customer service is top notch say it you have a DOA no questions asked you ship part back into them and they pay for posting well atleast they did for me and quickly i got my part back. i just ordered a part off tiger direct 3 weeks ago it was doa im still waiting on it to get here. moral or story sometime's cheaper comes back and bites on on the bottom even though its the same part and brand.

Comment Re:I Had to comment this has bothered me (Score -1, Troll) 137

this is gonna hurt you. My son is smarter than you. wanna make wagers im all for it,and the kicker he's 8. Ill video tape him doing something that i bet you cant do, its not a trick but its something that takes talent and it involves the computer. ill see if you can do it but if i video tape it you'll learn to do it darn... Have you ever overchieved in something at the detail that noone in your grade level in the entire school system hasnt.. Well guess what my son has he's gonna be put on the local station here. He allready has been put in the newspaper.. So my son was a sucess would you like me to prove that to you i got the letter right here but ill take his name out.. I dont want everyone to know who i am btw.. But you would say i wrote a letter. But the format it was put in i couldnt of possibly done because im to stupid.. that just proves i didnt write it... But you will argue anyway.. Wanna talk about some of my accomplishments and what ive done in the computer world in the software department and again i dont want you to know who i am.. I can prove it by giving you the source code,but i wont do that you could use it like microsoft did with osx and make money from it. All you would do is have to change the gui.. that seems to be the thing though the prettier something it is the more its used.. chrome is using that with firefox seen there commercial they show firefox "not pretty" and google awesome colors diffrent colors actually thats there pitch they never said they were better than firefox in this commercial but they got one thing right it sure is prettier than firefox. But if this continues to escalate ill prove who i am and by having something noone else has to do that. Then you would know who i was, ill eventually not give a shit. I'll let you watch my son on tv hmm how you know who he is, heres a hint we do have the same last name. Please dont inuslt someone for there grammer i hated english disliked it and it is true my mind is all over the place, i wish it could be controlled it bothers me sometimes it even happens when i make comments i appologize for that. But you earned your name Anonymous Coward.. Reveal the real you prove it and the accomplishment thats if you accomplished anything worthwhile but i dont know i may be floored. You can definatly use English and Grammer better than me. I'll admit that that is a accomplishment but is it better than what ive accomplished or even yet is it better than what my son has accomplished because these accomplishments are unique that we have done not everyone can say they have done it or have the ability to do. grammer doesnt measure ones ability and because they jump off topic from one place to another doesnt either its just something that happens my mind is never at ease it has to be challenged. I have a illness that causes this your smart right, shouldnt be to hard to figure out. It's a illness well lets say alot of smart people have, i could name a few but then you would wiki and find the name of the illness. Take a guess. If you say mental retardation your wrong thats what i would expect a twit like you to say to to insult a person. because your good at insults maybe thats what you have accomplished better than anyone. Your not gonna make no money at that btw and definatly not gonna earn a spot on television.. Here's a kicker ive been on television more than once and even paid channels, here in america thats called cable I'll give you a hint its because of something i programmed. Not because im a good actor gawd knows i fail at that. And grammer i fail at that. Btw i did say something meaningfull but it would hurt you if you was a windows user. 9/10 you are. I gave a prime example of why not to trust someone, it happend between steve jobs and bill gates. Trust it takes a smarter person to not trust anyone because he knows the risk it takes,and those risk stream my mind at such a rate it bothers me, the risk outweight the good things. Just say if Steve Jobs didnt trust bill gates, microsoft as we know it wouldnt of even excisted, before you make your opinion. research it really well and my comment is fact it will be proven. Bill gates even stabbed Steve Jobs in the back but it made him alot of money. Steve Jobs if he didnt trust that wouldnt of ever happend. Bill Gates did nothing but use apple. If you in the same boat im in its best not to trust anyone no matter who they are.. Now it might be easy for you to trust someone because either one you dont fear or two your a nobody, which is it?

Comment Re:misuse of the term 'hacker' (Score -1, Troll) 137

Who ever labled this guy as a troll is a total pinhead. Theres tons of those on slashdot the numbers will kill you. He is right not exactly but real close, why in the hell would a real hacker need to use a password cracker and use premade dictionary list number list etc to get into something that wasnt a challenge to begin with. Yes a true hacker programs youve got to,to make what is needed for some of the objectives. heres the kicker they are password crackers that will crack any password no matter what it is, but only a true hacker would have that and that would mean he programmed it and it is a challenge to make btw now i would see why a real hacker would use a password cracker but not a premade one but the one everyone cant get the one that can crack all passwords. If a real hacker wanted to crack a password he would want it to be challenging something noone else could do, omg i just proved something thats what makes a hacker what he does for the challenge of it. A True Hacker wants a challenge or it would be pointless to even hack. If a hacker does pointless stuff lets see using a password hacker now come on my 8 year old can do that, no talent in that what so ever. A Real hacker wont even bother with a old vulnerability thats known or that he knows he moves on to get in a diffrent way why you may ask for the challenge of it. A True Hacker thrives for a challenge not someone elses known entry then it would be pointless to be a hacker and once again hackers dont harm. but times have changed maybe im even wrong maybe hackers of today dont want a challenge and they use someone elses password cracker and etc etc. The New Times are doing nothing but depressing me. If you ask so called hacker if he can program and he says no there is definatly something wrong with that picture oh ill answer this it may be sarcastic to you but i dont care a hacker who cant program is not even a hacker. ask so called hacker why he hacks if he dont answer this "for the challenge of it" there again is something wrong with that picture. ok say if hackers make viruses for instance, would he use someone elses why no its probably done been detected. that is why he would need to program to make something nothing detects, thats if he wanted to harm. For those windows users who say theres no viruses on my computer, your a pinhead As ill say this not even norton will protect you. and i really hate norton lousy excuse for a virus scanners and ill leave in a fact if indeed every virus could be identified then why is there definition updates for virus scanners. quick answer they discovered a new virus and there updating it, it dont mean the virus came out right then, it simply means they discovered it i know of a virus that wasnt discovered untill 3 years later and keep causing havoc. good job on who ever discovered that one and how to disinfect it, it took you that long to disinfect it. did you read the aricle about they tried 20 virus scanners and it didnt fully take out a certain virus scary huh. - only if your a windows users theres lots to be scared of when you use windows. If windows is so great then why you scared, some pinheads dont care if they get a virus or not they just format. yea geeksquad a format will fix it every time for gawd sakes take the effort to fix it. that was sarcasm and fact see i have this neibor who uses geeksquad im like are they good, he says i like them, then i questioned him more, then he says they backup my data and format and then i said everytime they come out he said yes. I told him im not claiming to know better than geeksquad but next time you have problem let me have a crack at it whats gonna hurt your not gonna loose your data and you know geeksquad is gonna format,he's like ok i go to sit as his pc i find the problem it took no longer than lets say 5 minutes i fixed it i didnt format the pc. i told him his pc was fixed. he's like no way you didnt format i laughed then he sits at his pc he's like wow it is fixed then he said what do i owe you and my answer nothing it was to simple. this neibor comes and knocks on my door now when he has a problem and ive never had to format his pc, this has been for 2 years so far. I'm not cutting down geeksquad and dont want to hurt there buisness hell i dont care if i do actually. I finally got tired of fixing the same problem and taught my neibor how to fix his own problem since this problem keep happening over and over with him. He hasnt knocked on my door in awhile now and ive not seen geeksquad over there anymore. But i did ask him what he thought of geeksquad since he was one of there "previous" customers. His answer was if they had to format to fix that problem every time they were either worthless or trying to make more money i'll let you decide

Comment I Had to comment this has bothered me (Score -1, Troll) 137

For the 50 thousandth time hackers dont harm they find ways into a computer thats what they like to do is find a vulnerability nothing more. Please for the love of god use the term hacker right. i call people who harm crackers because thats the name they deserve by doing harm you should be called that. Hackers are good people they just have a hobby is all and thats finding vulnerabilities ways in, thats the true enjoyment of it in the first place. Microsoft listen to the real hackers out there when they tell you of a vulnerability dont label them as a threat and have them arrested. Microsoft thats another reason your so vulnerable when a true hacker trys to help you and tell you of your vulnerability you dont listen but maybe you do its bad you have to make yourself completly anonnymous to tell you you have a vulnerbility. Sometimes the True Hacker gets fed up with microsoft and makes it easy so everyone can do it by programming something so these so called crackers will use it and do good all in all you eventually fix your vulnerabilities i guess a cracker is good for something. Please comment and btw im not a hacker but i do know alot of them true ones atleast that dont do harm and i know a couple that have got fed up and programmed something so a cracker can take it up microsofts ass, the hacker didnt want to harm but only got fed up is all. Btw i can program self taught back in the old days, i didnt need a damn university to teach me i learnt the hard way, to any one who wants to learn to program they have books for that tutorials the sources are endless these days go out and grab a few and read them youll learn eventually and ill say this theres no deadline, start out with something mad easy if it takes you along time well guess what your just learning thats normal, donr let someone tell you i could do that in 5 minutes discourage you,thats what people do is discourage you its stupidity, if the truely indeed started programming thereselfs and said that took me 2 minutes guess what, ill lay a thousand on it they stold someones source code and said they programmed it alot of self proclaimed programmers do that the numbers would shock you. Microsoft im not calling you one of those people in anyway. Just a hint i was alive when windows first came out and the same for apples operating system and when it did why did both do the same stuff but only looked diffrent, if anyone didnt notice back then were stupid but hay theres alot of stupid people out there, Bill Gates i only respect you as a buisnessman your one hell of a one, it took alot of talent for what you did, im not listing the things but to ever good buisnessman is a crook but you have to be a crook to be a good buisnessman it wouldnt work out if you werent. Now Steve Jobs i respect that guy for more than that, Bill Gates sadly you may be worth more, But Steve Jobs is better than you he proved it back then and hes even proving it now and at the rate it keeps going apple will be worth more than microsoft, its sad steve jobs doesnt own a chunk of apple it should, Bill Gates you screwed up and dont even know it you broke the trust of the best friend you could of ever had and you would of even been more successfull than you are now, well thats a lie since at that time microsoft and apples operating system was basically the same thing so how would bill gates profit with his operating system, this is sarcasm someone elses operating system to begin with. I wish one day steve jobs would really speak out say what needs to be said and finish it it would only hurt you if microsoft owned apple i know they used to own most of it but i dont know now i think things have changed, i dont know if microsoft even owns any of apple they dont need to thats for sure and if they dont Steve Jobs speak up and tell it like it is it needs to be heard from you, You know what im talking about and make people lose respect for bill gates oh i forgot he retired but atleast make people think less of him people think to high of him and shouldnt if they only knew the actual truth Let it be known, because there was a reason your operating sytem and microsofts were basically the same at that time. Let it be known who programmed what and i guess you allready know this never trust anyone when it comes to buisness or something of yours. Dont even trust family, you can tell them you trust them but in reality they dont have to know. Theres a diffrence in trust and love. Alot of people says you got to trust them to love them, well i know thats untrue. I love my wife more than anything but do i trust her no but will i tell her that well of coarse, because she wouldnt think i loved her if i didnt tell her that because her definition of love is diffrent than mine. yes i would die for her and any of my kids and why is that you ask because i love them that much, i would gladly die if it meant they could live, but for someone i dont love i wont do that because i dont love you that much "care for you" Just to blabber own and i hope people have learnt something by this DONT TRUST ANYONE i didnt suggest you this for the hell of it, its because someone you would of never thought of turned around and stabbed me right in the back and unfortunatly i still love this person, because there the reason im here thats a hint.

Comment I Had to comment really a rant im making it good (Score 1) 245

As in the goverment paying email providers to read peoples email thats not right and if it was right i should be giving the same right. And for yahoo you stink as a email provider i wouldnt think any better of you to hand peoples emails over for a low price, and i will say this people who do online crime more and likely doesnt use yahoo because yahoo stinks so much because even they have morals,unbelivable right. I want to see the results and how much money the goverment is spending to do something they shouldnt be doing unless a person got charged with a internet crime. Now a Pedo go read there emails noone cares,that goes even if they make Pedo remarks in a chatroom please read there email i beg you do something about them. Or if you see some idiot in a chatroom i can give you a name to look for he's on Ares P2P and goes by the name Lethal, he gets a kick out of talking big and harrassing people,by calling there home phone that is easy to get specially if they had a website and used the domain godaddy,they give that information for free and will help you get even more information the reason i know godaddy somone msn him from godaddy and godaddy does use msn in a form to communicate with you when you set up a website, well they did with my brother, so this same msn name pms me and ask this person name so and so has called us to get access to the account. then suddenly my brother msn's me did you do that im like no, they said they want your phone number im like i dont want them to have my phone number,then i thought this out and explain to my brother who could of done this hes like owe i said i want you to give them a number im gonna see how loyal godaddy is because i will hear of it for sure, i gave my neibors phone number and i knew he would stay on the phone with the idiot it he got the number from godaddy, to find out godaddy isnt loyal they gave him the phone number and hes like this person calls me and keep telling me i was some name i wasnt and keep on and on, i know my neibor he will argue till he dies, then he said this person hung up. then 10 minutes later he calls and starts making threats ill kill your children your wife etc etc,this was when you could use skype to call landlines for free btw, thats what he used, heres the priceless part he keep calling over and over but one time he thought my neibor would hung up he wouldnt say nothing hes like you there you there and this person named Lethal had him a party chat going on evidentally he had others on there who thought this was funny. I explained to neibor he was probably using skype and had several people on i said get me some info, i said to stop talking and dont say a word let him talk so he did exactly as i said and if he is stupid as i know he is he will think you hung up or forget your there and they will talk and be careless what they say,thats exactly what he did, funny to say the least, if i wanted to i could screw his life up bad but he's a kid and i feel sorry for him, thanks for his screwup i now know his address and everything. he said should i let the authorities know then i told him why he called and i gave godaddy your phone number etc etc. I knew he wasnt gonna harm you but he likes to make threats to do so, of the dozens of people he has done this to that i know of, why he gets a kick out of it i dont know but you should hear the shit he says. The first time he called was funny to the neibor do you remember when anyone could spoof a caller id online,he did this he acted like the fbi say to least comical and the crime that he was getting raided for was not possible for neibor because you would have to have a computer to do that, the crime was hacking priceless in its own meaning even he didnt know how to do that. so my neibor says so if you must come on this should be entertaining. then Lethal aka this kid ask are you scared, hes like scared for what and btw i left the door open for you and neibor made this comment boy my tax dollars are well spent,he also said especially getting raided and to beat it all for hacking i dont even own a computer hows that possible but years ago i did, and besides that i dont have internet and he said if your sucessfull in your raid good for you you proved something that i didnt know that was possible to prove. So the American Goverment keep your eyes on this kid name lethal hes allways on the same ip and when he does it he will brag about it. Btw the ip is a static hes had it for along time. Now to Lethal if you have read this its now time to learn the fine art of annonymity when you brag, go master that next time you brag And if you dont read this and none of your friends who think this is funny reads this then The American Goverment do something usefull just hang in the room and dont let them know your the goverment use a cool name and make it real fancy with one of those character maps on windows the better your name looks the better the cammafloge now hers a hint to Lethal who i am i dont make my name fancy and i dont use windows when i use ares i make it work on wine and you hate me to the point your scared why you scared because i said stuff only a mother should know about you hahaha. priceless huh i think so. Why i havnt turned you in,well simple i feel sorry for you and you are young and still live with momma. But if you get caught by bragging then i would enjoy that, I could just end it and turn you in,but i want to see you caught bragging if you do get caught and you will. because you cant retain yourself from bragging,btw this idiot is on freenode to and uses windows because he wanted me to come to freenode but what he didnt know is i was allready there in the room with him, i will not give out your name that would make things to simple and the people who know you on freenode that are on ares p2p which i think is stupid why be on freenode if you cant program or use linux or use any opensource project beats me but hay your there now talk big as you do on freenode that you do on AresP2P aka a windows program oh i forgot AresP2P is opensource but your not in there room i dont even know if they have a room i only use ares for the laugh, theres alot of laughter to do on that programs chatrooms, you got these so called PC Tech rooms you would think since they had that room and that in there topic they would know alot about pcs well i had to just observe,they helped people with simple problems but when it came with something difficult noone said a word but they called the person a n00b that asked the question and i simply said this whats your reason for calling him a n00b they didnt give me a reason im like ill help you with that very complicated procedure to tell a windows user to do that likes everything easy and it couldnt be done with any software, so here i go there like thats not gonna work i said dont listen to them they were the one who called you a n00b for asking that question remember hes like yea so listen to me your not a n00b and shouldnt be called one for that,he's like ill trust you i have nothing else to do i said dont pay attention to nothing they say do exactly as i say there like thats totally gonna screw his pc i said your problem will be fixed when you reboot please come back in here to let me no for sure its fixed, i knew it was gonna fix his problem but i was showing them who the real n00bs were. The guy comes back in the room is like thanks man the problem is gone. and all i said afterwards is like now you can see who the n00b is and its everyone of you but me and the guy who asked the question unfortunatly i got banned i came in there to be of assisstance to help people not call noone a n00b i never typed till there was a problem that wasnt solved then unfortantly the people called this a person a n00b because they didnt know how to fix the problem i helped him but i wasnt there to call noone a n00b i dont even like the word,its the stupiest word ever that has been come up with sadly i had respect for slackware till i was in there room one day ##slackware thats on freenode also and i be damn besides helping someone they called him a n00b because they way they explained it he didnt get. so basically i had a privledge of helping this person out and i done it in pm i didnt tell him the commands to type but showed him the way he can fix it and told him to read up on it so he did and i said if you got any questions ask he had a couple and i answered all in all he fixed his own problem, by a web page i linked him to, the reason i done it this way is if the problem arise again he knows exactly what to do every time and doesnt have to ask for help again, because you show someone to do it doesnt mean they fully understand you doesnt mean there not capable of helping thereselfs the point is is if you got any questions about anything about that ask they didnt even do that and that is why i lost respect for slackware as a distro because of the community of people but slackware as a distro of linux is very good but the community is what makes it suck and that can all in all not make anyone want to use slackware and btw i was using slackware i uninstalled it for that reason the community, that isnt what linux is about and thats not whats gonna help linux grow you got to help those who dont understand if you know how to. and gawd forbid if you even help someone and someone disagrees they will bring you down. They keep trying to guess i was this certain programmer who had alot of degrees after i let them have it in the ##slackware room i didnt care to get banned but they wouldnt because of the fear of this person they thought i was they were convinced almost had me convinced i was this person indeed im like believe what you want to believe as in enjoyment i didnt say yes or no and let them go on and on they keep asking me diffrent questions that they pulled off wiki priceless to say the least wiki isnt even 100 percent accurate if 60 percent but priceless to say the least then they ask me if i knew linus personally as i never said yes or no i said define personally and quoted this noone ever knows noone by talking to them or even meeting them, i dont even really know my dad even though he raised me, same goes for my wife i know stuff that ive seen and witnissed and seen stuff she has done but no i dont really know her,I know the part of her that made me fall in love with her thats all i need to know, And linus theres alot that i admire of you not just that your the reason that linux even existed just by reading your blog when you talk about your kids and wife, just a suggestion it wouldnt be a bad idea to take some martial arts even though you dont want to incase your wife goes nuts not saying she will but who knows whats possible we dont. And people lost the true reason that linux was made and that is to program on i know you didnt ever imagine it beeing anything more, and didnt ever want to make money from it, that wasnt its reason, but im glad your making money overlooking the kernel you deserve it and never one day feel bad about it, your the only one that could even do that job properly as a quote you said you may do it quicker but in two weeks ill do it better and the last quote was priceless i know you hate public speaking but you all can rot in hell. made me appreciate you more when you said that,alot of people dont know why you said that but i do. thats exactly what alot of people need to do is rot in hell and please write in your blog more i like reading that, not because your the creator of linux but because of the way you are, i admire that im similar btw. Hell ill make me a blog to and share the address with you if i say something stupid and you think is stupid laugh you deserve to laugh all in all isnt that while we read slashdot, this is my first quote and probably my last im gonna go get a blog to tyrant on better that way and btw you dont have to read this but you can certainly comment on it hell who knows it might make me laugh

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