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Submission + - Thousands companies share with NSA ( writes: Bloomberg is reporting that the recent NSA Prism scandal is just a tiny scratch on the privacy surface. Citing "four people familiar with the process", the agency claims that in fact thousands of technology, finance and manufacturing companies work with US national security.
Interestingly it explains, for instance, how Microsoft gives government agencies a heads-up when it comes to bug fixesâ"and two sources describe how the news is used to exploit vulnerabilities in software sold to foreign governments.

On a side note maybe we can thank the NSA for giving more steam to Linux on the desktop. And on servers. And routers 8)

Submission + - Kickass Torrents' domain seized by Philippine authorities (

hypnosec writes: Kickass Torrents’ wasn’t accessible since about yesterday and now it has been confirmed that the domain name of the torrent website has been seized by Philippine authorities. Local record labels and the Philippine Association of the Recording Industry said that the torrent site was doing “irreparable damages” to the music industry and following a formal complaint the authorities resorted to seize of the main domain name. The torrent site hasn’t given up and is operating as usual under a new domain name. The torrent site’s main domain name ran into trouble yesterday and it was believed that the control of the domain name was no longer with the original owners. The Government of Philippines has confirmed that the domain name has been seized based on formal complaints and copyright grounds.

Submission + - Warner sued for massive copyfraud (

Maximum Prophet writes: Warner/Chappell Music makes millions of dollars per year licensing the song "Happy Birthday to You", although it's obviously out of copyright. Now "Good Morning to You Productions", a documentary film company is suing to get them to return the millions of ill gotten gains. Good luck. All Warner has to do to keep their monopoly is to get Congress to extend copyright on music so they own HBTY in perpetuity.

Comment Re:China! China! ... (Score 1) 89

people who treat each other like shit : China Y / USA Y
all of who treat everyone who's not [LOCAL] like shit : China Y / USA Y
What a stupid culture : China Y / USA Y
great, your civilizatiion's four thousand years old : China Y / USA N
bury pottery armies : China Y / USA N
oppress your own people (and other people)? : China Y / USA N

Ahem... Seems they beat you on Culture and artifacts. /flamebait

Comment Re:"I like turtles" (Score 1) 107

just, democratic[...] government

Ok, I'll bite...
Just AND Democratic is nigh impossible. Masses have a tendency to create their own exclusion zone. We have a few centuries of classical greek and roman histories to illustrate the point of view of Democracy. More recently the USSR and other 'democratic' countries have shown how fast a democratic government can grow sour.

  Also we live in a Republic, and not a place where "every voice counts". It's too easy to manipulate the masses in a democratic system, as the Game Theory that would allow a democratic world is unapplicable, the conditions being that all participant are fully informed AND take the most logical decision to maximise gains.

Just AND Government is also quite difficult to define, except if you consider 'Just' as meaning that the laws are applied the same to everybody, which in itself is a nice intellectual consideration.

Please remember that we do not have the BEST system, just one of the less bad...

Now a perfect democratic system is the Tyranny. One vote, that of the tyrant. All the rest are equals.
But then it might not be your preferred system ?

Comment Professionnal Programmer Available (Score 1) 1


Due to a personnal matter I recently relocated in Oymyakon, Sakha Republic, Russia ( and would like to offer my services as a programmer

Of my many qualities I would mention a strong, renewed passion for code quality and testing.

Some nights I shiver, alone, remembering that fatefull commit ...buro

Submission + - Child creates molecule that could be used for energy storage or explosives (

cylonlover writes: I don't know about other people, but when I was a child, I was inventing things such as a musical instrument made out of a folded piece of cardboard and some rubber bands. Ten year-old Clara Lazen, however, has done something a little more noteworthy. The fifth-grader from Kansas City, Missouri, built a model of a molecule that is new to science. If the molecule itself were to actually be created, it could possibly be used for energy storage, or in explosives.

Submission + - Water droplets in orbit on the International Space Station (

BuzzSkyline writes: "Astronaut Don Pettit, who is aboard the International Space Station (ISS) right now, put charged water droplets into wild orbits around a knitting needle in the microgravity environment of the ISS. A video he made of the droplets is the first in a serious of freefall physics experiments that he will be posting in coming months."

Comment Look, I'm too lazy, but read the FAs hereunder (Score 0) 159

And tell me why we don't already have Gigawatt, Flying batteries Overlords ?

Darn, lazy scientists !
1 / Read /., and not your gloosy, SCIENCE magazine
3 / * ? *
4 / Profit

Stanford Researchers Invent Everlasting Battery Material 180
Research Promises Drastically Increased LiOn Capacity 378
Highly Efficient Oxygen Catalyst Found 156
Researchers Demonstrate Quantum Levitation 133
Superior Anode For Lithium-Ion Batteries Developed 77
Boosting Battery Storage With Seaweed 59
Polymer Gel Shows Promise For Smaller, Cheaper Batteries 108
Transparent Lithium-Ion Battery Created 91
Aluminum-Celmet Could Increase EV Range By 300% 182
MIT Develops Fast Charging Liquid Flow Batteries 135
Integrating Capacitors Into Car Frames 189

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