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Comment Electrolytes! (Score 1) 488

"When asked about the ideal fertilizer levels for plant growth, however, only one-third of the students were able to perform the required experiment..."

Did anyone suggest Brawndo? Don't they know it's got what plants crave?

/Headed there sooner than you think
//I don't want to live on this planet any more

Comment Thank You (Score 1) 1521

As one of the many faceless among the masses, I also offer my humble thanks for your work, Rob. I graduated HS in 1997, and between working between my first intern job and starting college, the sysadmin at my company suggested I start looking at a site called Slashdot. I followed the site ever since, mostly by directly visiting and in recent years by RSS feed. Over the years I've been exposed to countless meme's, in-jokes, hated authors, anonymous cowards, and definitely the most entertaining and pertinent technology opinions and articles that I've ever had the pleasure of reading. As a CS student, Slashdot encouraged me to get involved with Linux, PHP, and MySQL to create my own CMS, and I thank you for that inspiration. I'm glad to say that we did have a chance to at least meet briefly while the Atlanta area still hosted annual Linux user events (though most times we crossed paths it was when you greenlit my article submissions). Personally, I think you and Slashdot helped set the bar for many technologies and trends to come later: user-submitted and moderated stories (Reddit/Digg), you shared your life with us before it became the social norm (Facebook/Twitter), and produced a fanbase of techies hungry for emerging technologies (like Google, as you mentioned). There is so much more that I can ramble on about, but I'll stop there and just say thank you.

Comment On the Subject of Pancakes (Score 2, Insightful) 121

I'm curious as to the continued widespread use of "flatter than a pancake" as a technical unit of measure, considering that a specific mm width and length were just previously mentioned. Not to be a nitpicker, I just prefer my pancakes to be somewhat light and fluffy, and therefore not flat. Perhaps "flatter than a tortilla" would be more apt? Though if we're going this route, I continue to back the opinion that "shitload" be considered a unit of measure ;)

Comment D-Link DNS-32x Series (Score 1) 697

You can definitely have a full-fledged linux environment on one of the DNS-323 or DNS-321 NAS units from D-Link. Basically you just drop 1 file into your root directory, reboot, and you have telnet access. From there you can pretty much install anything in the repository of pre-compiled binaries. I switched from a 4-bay server tower to this little NAS about a year ago, and I haven't had any issues. I eventually want to get another, though right now I don't have the need. See for info.

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