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Submission + - Microsoft confirms UEFI fears, locks down ARM devi (

walterbyrd writes: "At the beginning of December, we [Software Freedom Law Center] warned the Copyright Office that operating system vendors would use UEFI secure boot anticompetitively, by colluding with hardware partners to exclude alternative operating systems. As Glyn Moody points out, Microsoft has wasted no time in revising its Windows Hardware Certification Requirements to effectively ban most alternative operating systems on ARM-based devices that ship with Windows 8."
Data Storage

Submission + - Intel 34nm SSDs lower prices, raise performance (

Vigile writes: When Intel's consumer line of solid state drives were first introduced late in 2008, they impressed reviewers with their performance and reliability. Intel gained a lot of community respect by addressing some performance degradation issues found at PC Perspective by quickly releasing an updated firmware that solved those problems and then some. Now Intel has its second generation of X25-M drives available, designated by a "G2" in the model name. The SSDs are technically very similar though they use 34nm flash rather than the 50nm flash used in the originals and reduced latency times. What is really going to set these new drives apart though, both from the previous Intel offerings and their competition, are the much lower prices allowed by the increased memory density. PC Perspective has posted a full review and breakdown of the new product line that should be available next week.

Submission + - Is there a zero-day OpenSSH exploit in the wild? (

eefsee writes: reports 'Over the past 24 hours we've had a number of readers tell us that there is an OpenSSH exploit in active use.' It is not clear if this is a real exploit or sysadmin CYA masquerading as exploit, but some web hosts have already turned of SSH in response. On 7/5 HostGator shut down SSH on all its shared servers. Site5 did the same thing the next day. The loss of SSH, of course, kills SFTP on these hosts as well, forcing customers to fall back on FTP. Now that is security!

Submission + - Microsoft to buy Yahoo (

downix writes: "Well, it appears that Microsoft, in it's ever widening war with Google, has decided on going full force against the internet giant, buying up it's nearest rival Yahoo for a reported 44 Billion. The resulting company can only be described as gigantic, but based on Microsofts record with previous internet mergers, such as hotmail, how will this marriage go?"
Linux Business

Submission + - Nokia buys Trolltech writes: "Nokia has announced today that it will acquire Trolltech.

"Trolltech's deep understanding of open source software and its strong technology assets will enable both Nokia and others to innovate on our device platforms while reducing time-to-market. This acquisition will also further increase the competitiveness of S60 and Series 40."
— Kai Öistämö, Executive Vice President, Devices, Nokia"

Submission + - Nokia to Acquire KDE Originator Trolltech

DeviceGuru writes: Trolltech, the originator of Qt, the technology on which the Linux KDE desktop environment is based, today announced that it is being acquired by Nokia, the world's number-one mobile phone vendor. Nokia expects its acquisition of Trolltech to accelerate its cross-platform software strategy for mobile devices and desktop applications, and develop its Internet services business. Trolltech says Nokia plans to continue the development of Trolltech's products, for both desktop and mobile applications, and will provide support for both new and existing customers. Additionally, to further stimulate industry innovation based on Trolltech's products, Nokia intends to continue Trolltech's practice of dual-licensing its technology, under both commercial and open source licenses. Trolltech recently announced plans to release Qt cross-platform GUI application framework under the GPLv3.

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