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Submission + - Mathematician finds patterns in Woolworths stores ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: A Mathematician in London has revealed precise geometric patterns in the locations of the (now defunct) UK Woolworths stores. This was in response to claims that prehistoric sites follow Mathematical patterns, which some insist may have required extraterrestrial assistance. The 2008 Woolworths sites follow equally precise patterns; should we conclude that they were also built with help from discount-product loving aliens?

Mathematician's post on The Times science blog:

Claims about prehistoric sites and aliens:

Submission + - Full body scanners violate child porn laws. ( 2

gandhi_2 writes: The Guardian has a story about an ongoing legal battle over the use of full body scanners in the UK. The Protection of Children Act 1978, includes provisions in which it is illegal to create an indecent image or a "pseudo-image" of a child....which a full body scanner does.

PhD Candidate Talks About the Physics of Space Battles Screenshot-sm 361

darthvader100 writes "Gizmodo has run an article with some predictions on what future space battles will be like. The author brings up several theories on propulsion (and orbits), weapons (explosives, kinetic and laser), and design. Sounds like the ideal shape for spaceships will be spherical, like the one in the Hitchhiker's Guide movie."

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