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Comment Re:1997 (Score 1) 104

My Sony PlayStation is ~1000% more reliable, honest, and earnest than any cellphone out there, guess what? Same price. Hell, if it weren't for an act of congress or two those cell phone companies everyone LOVES, would be straight up - cutting out the middle man and selling your information in a marketing list. Nice sig, btw. Fanboy - no, but I believe sony is overall a pretty good company, that deserves their console market a great deal more than Microsoft.

Comment Re:What are they trying to prove at this point? (Score 3, Insightful) 452

Nope. A logical fallacy is a logical fallacy. Any user who purchased a PS3 with the expectation that "other os" would be available has cause for grievance. Now, I don't really think that's the only reason this is happening. I was pissed this time around until it occurred to me that, damn, there are suddenly repercussions for leveraging your development folks past sane tolerances. No longer is it just okay to abandon security because it isn't a bullet point on a brochure. Way more important than running yellow dog from my living room television. IMHO

Comment Re:Awesome! (Score 1) 88

I wasn't a developer on Drupal, but in 5 you could setup developer, editor, writer, reader, publisher, as different users and the ACLs with basic Drupal. You can use Drupal as code to manage your own php and most likely have ported that over rather than relying on modules. I was also just noticing the other day that, that's what kernel trap is running, so it can't be that bad.

Comment Re:Great Forum for Input Devices (Score 1) 310

Almost 14 years ago I cut off my index finger while working at a sawmill. The finger was fused stiff so the knuckle was destroyed but the finger remains mangled, but somewhat usable.

First, get some exercise a little squishy ball or if at all possible some literal weight lifting for your hands, this can include the "hand-grips" or even a forearm weight.

Hand grips

Forearm weight

Second, skills training. Get a darn typing program. If you used to play billiards - go play. Relearn how to do those things that you are best at, like tying your shoes and pay attention. You are going to relearn some very basic motor skills, pay attention to the way that unfolds, or has unfolded, just being mindful of the situation will help. For example, you will learn to do things with your right hand and tend to do things the same way with your left hand or vice versa.

Third, you are going to be alright, eventually you wil be surprised that it is normal.

For me personally, I prefer the thinest lightest keyboards I can find.

Comment Re:WHAT vendors? (Score 1) 223

don't forget to verify that the system is using the proper fucking time in the first place.

I got what you were saying, dipshit (key user - I love that this implies that OTHER fucking people may have benefited from the work destroyed) didn't want to enter two characters, so scrapped what was probably a 300% increase in efficiency.

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