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Submission + - What happened to Piratebay? 3

cyberzephyr writes: is gone on my machine. Do any other folks have the same thing?

Submission + - A kick in the teeth

cyberzephyr writes: This is not a scoop but a bitch.

Seagate sells the "Go-flex" @2TB for $149.99 ($99.00 with COSTCO)

Anyway and i know your'e going to laugh because i did, I bought this thing so it would save me in case it (my 250GB) died.

CDR Taco, My HD (250GB) croaked 1 week after i plugged the thing in. So i replaced it with a 500GB thinking that the replica software was going to work and whoa! The replica drive died too and it was a 2TB replacement drive.

They (Seagate) told me they would replace the unit but if i wanted DATA recovery from the drive it would cost me $700.00-2400.00.

I'm in the middle of re-building my machine and am a bit pissed since i have the original drive and 5 years of stuff i just can't get back.

Can you help with advice or something please?

Submission + - FBI wiretapping

cyberzephyr writes: The FBI is accused of illegally listening to people for no good reason.

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