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Comment Bread? (Score 1) 356

What about loaves of bread? How many loaves of bread have been sold?

I'd call bread a product, certainly sold more than 1 billion loaves over the years. In fact, I'd bet quite a large sum of money far more than 1 billion loaves of bread have been made over the years and sold.

This seems like a desperate attempt to take a big number and wack off to it while claiming Apple is the greatest ever.

Comment I may be a conspiracy theorist... (Score 2) 212

Anyone else notice that the "12 month" window to 'upgrade to Windows 10 free' is closing (tomorrow in fact) and so they can now change the behavior and try to act like a poor victim while perhaps posting "1 year adoption rates" much higher than would have been otherwise.

When this crap started I told myself that this will be "rectified" once they have 1 year of Windows 10 being out. Then they can post "their great numbers" which will, naturally include, a lot of accidental upgrades and other people that didn't even want to upgrade.

It really sickens me, and is why I'm still on Windows 7, and dual boot with Linux and FreeBSD. Microsoft's behavior is totally unacceptable.

Comment Re:Memory (Score 1) 68

It's not "reportedly". I can tell you that my M9 that is happily running with Marshmallow works great with my 128GB SD card "formatted as internal storage". Works great. I've had zero problems.

The only downside I can think of is that the SD card is effectively unformatted storage if the phone breaks. Most people store backups and things on their SD card so that if/when their phone breaks they can pop the SD card in the next phone and do a restore. You can't do that when the SD card is formatted as internal storage. :D

If cell phone manufacturers are disabling the feature, that's screwed up and I'd be returning my phone that day. The feature is so useful that I can't imagine not having it now.

Comment Re: Not about fear (Score 1) 485

I'm not sure how valid your argument is about. Olkiluoto Unit 3 is not in the USA, and the post is clearly discussing issues involving the opinion of Americans. Sure, I won't try to argue that your points about Olkiluoto aren't true (in fact, I haven't tried to verify them) but I can tell you that the issues at Vogtle 3 and 4 are nothing like Olkiluoto's issues.

As someone who may or may not have proprietary knowledge of Vogtle 3's construction and status, I'm inclined not to comment much further. I'll let the reader make their own opinions based on available information on the internet.

But... I am excited to see how Vogtle 3 and 4 are doing.

Comment pfsense for the win (Score 1) 70

Still glad I'm using my pfsense router.

I have no doubt that there are plenty of devices that suffer from this vulnerability and will never see a firmware update because they'd rather you "buy some shiny new hardware that will not have this vulnerability". Well, guess what? I bought my last 2 routers for that reason, and I shouldn't have to buy a new one every 2 years because the manufacturer went cheap-and-dirty.

Comment Hidden agenda that might bite us? (Score 3, Insightful) 379

This sounds too good to be true. And we all know what that means...

So I've got this suspicious feeling that there's some devil in the details that is gonna be a major drawback to this. Anyone got any insight into some key word or tricky phrase that might indicate an ulterior motive?

Submission + - FreeNAS 9.3 hits release status (

An anonymous reader writes: Here’s an early Christmas present for you all: FreeNAS 9.3!

This FreeNAS update is a significant evolutionary step from previous FreeNAS releases, featuring a simplified and reorganized Web User Interface, support for Microsoft ODX and Windows 2012 clustering, better VMWare integration, including VAAI support, a new and more secure update system with roll-back functionality, and hundreds of other technology enhancements. We’re quite proud of it and excited to make it publicly available.

Submission + - Man gets caught try to sell nuclear secrets to new US Carrier (Ford) ( 2

cyberjock1980 writes: A civilian engineer working for the Navy was arrested Friday on charges that he tried to give schematics for the new $12.9 billion Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier to the Egyptian government.

The Saudi-born Yorktown resident was indicted earlier this week on two counts of attempted exportation of defense articles and technical data. Each count carries a possible 20-year sentence.

Awwad worked for the Navy's Nuclear Engineering and Planning Department at Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, according to an affidavit drafted by FBI Special Agent James Blitzer. Awwad was hired in February and issued a Navy security clearance in August.

Comment Re:Here's hoping. (Score 1) 693

As a relatively new Linux user, and a Linux Mint user, which desktop environment do you recommend? I've been using Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon for about 3 months, and despite not doing much that is too complicated or customized, I've crashed Cinnamon quite a few times. Felt like a flashback to Windows 98. With the LTS version around the corner I was going to do a reinstall so I could keep it around for 2+ years. So should I be considering the MATE or KDE version instead?

I'm really looking for a new OS to learn that is stable and functional for my day-to-day activities. Been a Windows user for years and the oasis of both linux versions and choices of desktop environments, then to choose to use LTS or non-LTS has confused the living hell out of me. And with no friends to call on the phone and say "tell me about this stuff.. does it apply to me and if so,why?" is just not an option.

I've been dual-booting Windows and Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon for about 4 months. But I've dabbled in Linux Mint going back to version 13. I spend lots of time in Linux when I know I won't need to run any Windows applications/games. Unfortunately, the lack of good support for my gaming needs(mostly Diablo) makes me have no choice but to go back to Windows regularly. :(

Comment Re:MMR Outcry? (Score 2) 747

Actually, a bunch of the doctors that helped create some of these vaccines did deliberately expose themselve to the diseases as proof to the public that it worked. This was back in first part of the 20th century when people couldn't believe that vaccines actually worked as well as claimed. Go read up on how some of them were created. Back then scientists were hardcore and all about proving their stuff was safe and better for the public at large. They felt they had a committment to society to:

1. Make the vaccine.
2. Make the vaccine safe.
3. Make the vaccine effective.
4. Convince the public of #2 and #3, at almost any cost, including their own safety.

Of course, today it would be considered attempted suicide if you deliberately exposed yourself to some of these diseases. But, in a twist of irony it's okay to not vaccinate a child because a parent "is a dumbass".

Some immunologists allegedly died trying to prove that some bogus vaccine worked too!

Comment Well... (Score 1) 747

"How do you think we can get through to the anti-vaxxers?"

Easy... ever heard of the phrase "I say we take the safety labels off of all products and let the problem sort itself out"?

I know several people that refuse to vaccinate their children. They don't care what evidence you provide. They will argue until the day they die that vaccines cause autism. You can't argue with that level of conviction(or stupidity).

Yes, there's a good chance we're going to lose people that were vaccinated and still caught the (insert any vaccinated disease here) but that's the breaks when you deal with society. They won't always agree with you. And their stupid mistakes will sometimes cost you more than you are ever willing to pay.

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