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Comment Re:Facilitator (Score 1) 312

That seems a bit harsh, but not far off.

"Through a phenomenon called "dissimilarity cascades," we place greater stress on personal and cultural differences than on similarities"

A prime example of this is in being someone who tries to be politically moderate, agreeing and/or disagreeing with various tenets of both sides of the political spectrum. Rather than making a bond with everyone through a few common threads, you just alienate everyone instead of half of everyone. Right wingers will focus only on those issues with which they disagree, and Left wingers will focus only on those issues on which they disagree. You'll be accused of a lack of principles, or a spine, and hit with any number of No True Scotsman fallacies. Any similarities are taken for granted and ignored. It doesn't matter that, as a moderate, you'd prefer to think for yourself and not toe any particular party line on every subject.
If you're a pro-choice republican, for example, you're pretty much on your own: ostracized from the right for the pro-choice view, and ostracized from the left for being registered republican. If you're a democrat who believes in gun rights or are pro-life, the same applies.

Comment Re:Maybe if you're single (Score 1) 207

Not a bad idea, but probably wouldn't work for us. Years ago, we did have a "cleaning lady" come in weekly to vacuum and dust and wipe down counters and mirrors and what not. The problem was, all the various junk we had laying around that was in the way -before she'd come in, we always had to hurry and straighten up the night before, and personal effects are something I assume maid's generally won't touch, and that was more work than dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing. We have a son now, (he's 15) so it's much worse, and the wife seems keen to never throw out anything of his, even toys from when he was 3, 4, 5, etc.., for sentimental reasons. There isn't a clear flat surface in our house anywhere, except the floor at least.. well, most parts anyway, I guess. So our house is full of stupid half broken baby toys, among other things. It's a small house with only two bedrooms, kinda sucks as houses go, but still better than an apartment.

Comment Re:Maybe if you're single (Score 1) 207

Unfortunately I know all about that all too well; and now that she has a part time job, the house will never be clean. It'd be easier to put all the things I value in a storage locker and torch the homestead.. though, with all the junk in there, it's already a fire hazard, so all I have to do probably is just wait it out and let it start itself.

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