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Wireless Networking

Submission + - Is The Wireless Well Running Dry? (

Lucas123 writes: The number of wireless devices in the U.S. has, for the first time, exceeded the number of people. Wireless networks are edging near capacity, not just in the U.S., but all over the world. Credit Suisse conducted a survey that reveals mobile networks in North America were running at 80% of capacity, with 36% of base stations facing capacity constraints. The average globally for base station capacity utilization, the report said, was 65%.The problem is going to get worse before it gets better as advancements in connected cars, smart grids, machine-to-machine communication, and domestic installations such as at-home health monitoring systems, wireless demands will only increase.
Social Networks

Submission + - Social Wars: Google Vs. Facebook By The Numbers (

CWmike writes: "With its still-in-limited-field-test social network Google+, Google looks poised to challenge Facebook head-on in the increasingly important social media space. Some analysts give the edge to Facebook with its large head start — the company claims more than half a billion active users worldwide, half of whom log onto the site each day. Other pundits point to Google's large number of users across multiple products along with its engineering prowess as factors making it a formidable challenger. How do the companies stack up head to head? Here's a look at some of the available statistics."

Submission + - Are Mobile Apps Putting Your Privacy At Risk? (

CWmike writes: "Smartphone apps can do more than provide you with entertainment, information or useful services — they can also invade your privacy. In addition to tracing your Web habits, location, and examining your files, apps can gather the phone number and the unique ID number of each type of phone: the Unique Device Identifier (UDID) on the iPhone, the IMEI number on the BlackBerry, and (depending on the make) the IMEI or MEID on an Android phone. Personal information that apps gather about you can be matched to these IDs. That means that ad networks can easily combine various pieces of information collected by multiple apps, build a sophisticated profile about you — and then legally sell that data to other marketing companies. It's not as if you weren't warned by the apps. But do you actually pay attention to what's gathered? Have you ever not downloaded an app because of that warning? Computerworld delivers a run-down of the privacy threats you face when using mobile apps, advice on ways you can protect yourself, and a look at possible legislation that may — or may not — help."

Submission + - 7 reasons I switched back to PHP from Rails

Anonymous Dude writes: Derek Sivers has a very good article at oreillynet ( about why after 2 years of a rewright on his website ( in Rails he went back to using PHP.
From article:

But at every step, it seemed our needs clashed with Rails' preferences. (Like trying to turn a train into a boat. It's do-able with a lot of glue. But it's damn hard. And certainly makes you ask why you're really doing this.)

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