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Comment Re:You know... (Score 1) 2759

This seemed like a good place to jump in...

The complexity of this discussion seems to indicate that not all answers are simple. I think it is safe to say it is easier to make a cup of tea than to sustain a living person in orbit around the earth. So, what kind of mental gymnastics does it require to make all answers match the requirement of simplicity? Just because simplicity works 95% of the time doesn't mean that it will work for the other 5% of the time. Is simplicity a god? Is simplicity an absolute?

Why do faith and science have to be mutually exclusive? Odds are, everyone posting to this discussion is going to die and won't be able to change that fact by themselves. Faith addresses the concerns of death. Why is faith such a bad topic? Are good and bad attached to comfort? How does moral relativism deal with death...death isn't very subjective and it doesn't contain many simple answers.

I don't find simplicity (by itself) to be the most important tool in my tool bag.

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