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Comment Re:Retard. (Score 2, Interesting) 428

After someone that has had more than 20 seperate CT scans, I can most surely tell when I am exposed to xrays.

While laying in the CT machine with the spinning going on, while there is no xrays being emitted everything feels fine, but as soon as the xrays start I feel a tingling sensation on the side of my body closest to the emitter and it rotates around my body with it. The sensation isn't on the surface either, it is more sub dermal (about a cm or so deep I think).

After talking to the radiologist about it, he said he was fairly rare but some people do feel xrays.

Comment Re:Now does everyone realise (Score 2, Interesting) 225

Do you truly think that the Greens could do better?

They have these dreams of 100% renewable energy by 2020, but without massive debt and taxation, it would be impossible.

Also, their obsession with carbon emissions and their fear of nuclear power, means that their goal is near on impossible in the short to medium term.

Comment Re:Anecdote time (Score 1) 331

I have had lactose intolerance for about 14 years now, I don't take any pills to control the symptoms. I mostly avoid lactose containing foods, but when I do indulge in something containing butter or milk, I know I have 2 hours to be near a toilet.

I do have milk on my breakfast cereal, but it has been pretreated with an enzyme to split the lactose into galactose. It comes in UHT form and it much sweeter tasting than normal milk (perfect for making custard). A company called Harvey Fresh here in Western Australia makes it and exports it to India, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia..

Comment Re:Hulu? (Score 1) 829

RE point 5. How do you know there were no gay characters? Or are you stereotyping gays into high fashion and a lisp? Rush could be gay Eli could be gay (although being that big a nerd, likely that he has never touched a woman other than his mum, so jury is still out) Intense black dude could be gay The console operator guy does look gay with his silly blonde/white hair...

Comment What a... (Score 1) 688

Retarded article... I'll only address the most retarded of details. First category of comparison: Which has the cooler name? Seriously, I know Macheads think about things like that but does Joe Consumer care what the OS name is as long he/she can run their internets and send emails, they are happy. Last category of comparison: Which OS comes with more extras? Well, MS tried including lots of extras, but a few small organisations like the DoJ and the EU got all pissed off and put restrictions on them. The EU being the worst offender in this case. If MS included the suite of extras that Apple does, they would be slapped down with an anti competition suit as quick as you could say 'Fuck Apple'.

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