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Comment Now then Anybody here actually on a nofly list? (Score 1) 571

Okay, i'm gonna add my little experience with no-fly lists.
A little over a year ago, I was in england about ready to head home, heading to the gate after checking in, when I reach the gate, I am told that i will not be allowed to board the plane, I am not told why except that some officials need to talk to me, I end up in an interrogation room, where i am told that someone with my name was on a "no Fly" list. After about four hours of phone calls home trying to get my identity confirmed, they are finally convinced that I am who I say I am and not the person whose name is on the list. Meanwhile I've missed my flight and will not be able to make the connections that i need to get home. I end up flying back to NYC, and waiting for about 12 hours until the next available flight to my hometown is.

So when I get home, first thing I start to do is figure out how i get a letter of identity, which states that I am actually this person and am totally unrelated to this person. I call the TSA, and ask them how I get this Paper, i find out it'll take a few weeks, I don't have a problem with that. I supply every possible form of ID, including my parents ID's and my expired passports and such. and all seems well. I then get a call saying that during the bvackground check there was a problem and it will take another few weeks. This ruins the trip I was supposed to take to look at Grad school. so i'm a little pissed. Mind you My father has "secret" level clearance with the FBI, and I have a LEUP( low explosives User Permit) from the BATF. eventually all of the problems are sorted out, and I have my paper, 6 months later, ruining many trips and possible jobs.

Beware those whose names are anything close to a terrorist whose name you hear on TV.

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