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Comment Re:Rule of thumb: believe the man (Score 1) 399

You realize that the guy you are referencing just went to wikipedia and copied a number of studies that appear support his claim, without including the overarching summary written there that basically said, "these studies are examples of bad science." Think for yourself some time maybe.

Comment Re:Rule of thumb: believe the man (Score 1) 399

It's nice that you pulled the papers from Rumney (2006) that agree with your worldview, but you ignore the actual conclusions from that meta study itself. Police judgement of "no crime" does not mean that it was a false accusation, only they they chose to stop investigating it. That could mean there wasn't enough evidence, or the police arbitrarily decided they didn't give a shit (which is why all the studies you link are quite old, when rape was taken less seriously). There is no way to judge from those studies what the rate of false accusations is. Nice try though. I especially like the part where in the Maclean study he deems one instance a false allegation because the victim didn't look "disheveled" enough to have been raped. Solid science there.

Comment Re:The actual abuse exist, but ... (Score 2) 399

Use your brain for a second, look at the new board. Matt Blaze, well-respected cryptographer from academia. Cindy Cohn, director of the EFF. Bruce fucking Schneier, crypo folk hero and no friend of the federal government. They replaced the board for the exact reason they said they did, and then they went out of their way to pick new people that were as unimpeachable as possible.

Comment Re:Hatchet jobs aside (Score 3, Informative) 399

Good people gone, bad people in

Did you even read who the new board of directors is? Matt Blaze, an extremely respected academic cryptographer. Cindy Cohn, the director of the EFF. Bruce Schneier, a folk hero on Slashdot and no friend of the federal government. Stop fearmongering please.

Comment Re:Hatchet jobs aside (Score 1) 399

What I don't understand about opinions like yours is, if it really is some kind of government setup, why did they pick Jacob Abelbaum? He is not even close to a crucial part of Tor. There are lots of more important developers that they could have targeted instead. Besides the scandal of it, losing his developer abilities barely effects Tor at all.

Comment Re:Rule of thumb: believe the man (Score 1) 399

Except he has never been officially charged with anything, so innocent until proven guilty does not apply. He was simply fired from his job. If you sexually harrass someone at your office, you can get fired based on their word alone because the bar for evidence is not the same as a legal proceeding. This is normal.

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