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Comment Re:Bias from personal preference (Score 1) 183

To be fair, America is fucking retarded when it comes to sex and genders. The puritans are still in control, and every time we make some headway into leaving the 1500s they go and throw a tantrum about how how it'll stop the conservatives from being able to molest children if trans people can go pee behind a closed door or some other mentally retarded bullshit like that.

Comment Re:Rad Left (Score 1) 899

Milo constantly promotes violence against anyone that isn't ultra conservative and white, and even instructed his cult of nazis to attack a trans woman he doxxed at one of his hate rallies.

Sorry, but he is scum, anyone who defends him is scum. None of his followers have any social, ethical or moral value and have no place in civilization.

They should go back to the caves they came from, and leave civilization to the people with IQ's over 80. After all, if you add all his followers IQ together you get a whopping 60.

Comment Re:Doxing (Score 0) 899

Trump called it a muslim ban. The rest of your comments are outright lies. Obama never banned travel from Iraq, look it up. As for the 7 nations listed, sorry, but that came from infowars, not Obama.

Stop lying, Trump already has his Minister of falsehoods and personal state run media. It's called Kellyanne and Brietbart. The Baghdad bob of America position is filled.

Comment Re:Rad Left (Score 0, Troll) 899

If that were true then they'd get banned as well. What this is instead is a bunch of crybaby Nazis are bitching and whining about Reddit not giving them a platform to gather info on who they want to attack.

This is no different than Reddit banning Al Queda or ISIS, because the alt right Nazis are no different from them.

Comment Re:How many DVDs do you own? (Score 0) 316

To see himself post?

It's like the people who post responses to questions on Amazon with "I don't know, I haven't opened it yet"

To people like this:
No one cares you haven't opened it/don't use it. If that's your comment, you aren't the target audience of the question. If we want to know the finer points of hog tying our sister and pulling a train on her, we'll ask you. Otherwise, stay out of intelligent conversation and leave it to those wanting to discuss the actual topic at hand.

Comment Re:Doesn't that concern the SEC? (Score 1) 48

Technically they didn't. The extra billion was not cap-ex, but payroll and bonuses. That could have been disclosed to investors very easily without disclosing they were for oculus.

It would have been on the expenses report, but not last I checked, payroll detail reports don't tell you what projects people are working on, just staffing and costs associated to them.

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