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Submission + - SPAM: Colin Yow

Colin Yow writes: Colin T.F. Yow is one of the founder members of YTF consultants. He has contributed a lot to the organization with his immense experience that he has in client-side, personal entrepreneurial successes and an extensive knowledge about surviving financial crises. His total industrial experience is of more than 26 years. In this period, he has cumulated all these experience by working in different industries such as information technology, transport, jewelry, automobile, electronics, retail, manufacturing and telecommunication.

The CEO of this organization, Mr. Colin Yow had restructured and turnaround a second-generation manufacturing company saddled. YTF Consultants founded in 2006, with some of Australia’s top 50 public-listed companies, Colin’s had started his career.In 1991, Colin was named Businessperson of the Year by the National Australia Bank Ethnic Business Awards.

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