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Comment Re:Conversion typo (Score 1) 138

The phrase in question is "crossing a hill which is more than 300 meters high." It reads as a general observation, not as a specification, so I'll disagree in this case. I will grant, however, that you're correct that you can't assume the number of significant digits simply because the number happens to end in zeros.

Comment Theater Merchandising? (Score 1) 213

Why don't movie theaters do merchandising?

When people are done seeing a movie, there should be a shop that sells copies of the soundtrack, copies of the other movies in the franchise, related toys (as appropriate), etc. They could even sell the Blu-Ray of the movie you just saw (whether restricted sales to movie-goers, sold to anyone, or pre-sold with day-of-release delivery).

There is so much in the way of movie merchandising, and the theaters seem to completely miss it. Even if they're contractually locked out (which is stupid), they could lease a separate store adjacent to the theater that sells movie merchandise. (Perhaps I should start that chain--too bad I already have a good job.)

Comment Hormones? (Score 1) 331

With regular meat, the animal's growth is controlled by hormones, so I'm wondering if the lab meat is grown using various added hormones to force the growth. I know one of the reasons some people prefer organic meat is because they know it doesn't have added hormones. What are the health impacts of eating whatever added stuff they have to use to make the lab meat grow?

With all the shortcuts the food industry has taken, if they get this lab meat to be cheaper than real meat, it will be a long time before people are convinced it's healthy meat.

Comment Not really new (Score 1) 76

I remember writing a DM assistant in BASIC on my Atari 800 back in the 80s that did many of the tables we frequently used (treasure tables, combat, random weather from a Dragon article, etc.). People have been doing this sort of thing for at least 30 years. My Echo will do arbitrary dice rolls. "Alexa, roll a 17-sided die."

Comment Remake, not "reboot" or "reImagining" (Score 3, Insightful) 542

Can we stop with this reinventing of the language and stick with the words that really describe what they're doing? They're doing remakes. The only reboot I've seen is Star Trek, where they used time travel to radically change the universe, but it's technically the same universe (or multiverse) as everything that had preceded it. The new Battlestar Galactica pushed the term "reImagining" to stress that they were changing the story and doing it differently, but it was still a remake (a fantastic one).

Movies in a franchise are generally either a remake or a sequel (or prequel). I'm not sure I would use the term "sequel" for the James Bond movies, where each one tends to be an independent storyline with few sequential aspects, but loosely speaking they fit the definition.

Comment Saved for S9 (Score 1) 71

Well, anything they wanted to do in the S8 that didn't make it into the final product is something they have another year to work on to get it in the S9. So if you don't like the S8 design, stick with an older phone for one more year. And remember that you can get an S7 at a steep discount now, and that will only get better.

Comment Re:Signal (Score 1) 456

I hadn't heard that. Interesting.

While I disagree on third-party clients, I can see wanting control if you're running a business. It also reduces the chances of the whole system getting bad press due to a security flaw in a single third-party client (and you know that would happen).

It's hard to avoid a centralized directory server for a messaging system without opening the system up to spam. It's hard to avoid the centralized directory at all, but it can be done. Of course, eliminating the central server also eliminates central control, which again makes it hard to run as a business.

Comment Signal (Score 1) 456

Signal is trying to be the answer. They certainly cover instant messaging, and I think they're adding video and audio. I'm not sure about email, but like any encryption system, it only works if you get both ends using the same system, and to use it, you have to go with their interface. Maybe with plugins for Outlook, GMail, Thunderbird, and whatnot, it might work, but it still requires everyone switching to it.

And none of that fixes the spam problem.

Comment Comcast (Score 2) 89

The talk of Comcast makes a lot of sense to me. The writing is on the wall for wired home services--it's just a matter of time before the cell companies decide to push hard into that market. For most consumers, they could swap out their cable boxes and cable modem for versions that use LTE instead of coax. It would just be a matter of the cell companies having sufficient bandwidth.

Certainly Comcast sees this coming. Buying Sprint would be their best move to stay relevant as the market shifts. Instead of sitting around while the cell companies eat into their market, they can use Sprint to eat into the markets of their competitors.

Now I would much rather see Alphabet (Google) buy Sprint. That could enhance the competitive marketplace for home Internet and video instead of constrict it.

Comment 64-bit (Score 1) 66

Skype was one of the few remaining programs where the only available Linux version was still 32-bit. I still have the old version installed, though I haven't used it in ages.

I think the only other 32-bit program I still have around is Adobe's Acroread, which they've discontinued for Linux.

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