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Comment Holy Shills Batman! (Score 0, Flamebait) 789

Seriously. Every top rated comment is saying "nutjob" "conspiracy theory" "conspiracy theorist" "Fake News".

Stop and consider the evidence on a point by point basis. Then consider that Bill Clinton is a KNOWN pervert. Then consider former speaker of the house Hastert literally went to prison for pedophilia. Then watch all the videos of Biden being a creep. Then look at the digitized wanted posters for the abductors of Madeleine McCann. Then look at the artwork that the Podesta brothers have all over their house.

I mean, I don't believe every conspiracy theory. But the evidence here is frankly overwhelming that SOMETHING is fucked up, at least with the Podestas, and possibly with an incredibly large cross-section of Washington DC.

Then consider the motives of people who might have actionable blackmail evidence on all the most powerful members of congress/senate/executive.

It's AT LEAST worth looking into. Then once you look into it, it's hard not to think there's some there. But whatever, just keep watching your corporate television narratives that are obvious lies and fraud and call the rest of us crazy.

Comment Re: Init alternatives (Score 1) 338

Many, many years ago. Yes. LOL. Since then I've been the IT director for 13 school districts, ran a data center that processed millions of mails per hour for ISPs all across the country, and also built dozens of dental offices in Arizona and California. I'm a very experienced Debian admin, and have moved most of our newer servers and services over to Devuan already. Works great!

Comment Re: Init alternatives (Score 1) 338

Except in practice. Debian 8 was utter fail in all 3 of the data centers I manage. So many bizzare crashes we gave up after 3 days of testing. Wheezy and earlier had never had any issues. So for us anyway, as a longtime Debian shop, we've just been sticking with wheezy until something sensible came along. So far, in testing, Devuan had been incredibly sensible, stable, and reliable. Exactly like wheezy has been.

Comment Re:it's already here! (Score 1) 484

I meant sharing bandwidth, CPU cycles, memory.... Like I'd like all my devices to be one big super computer with local interfaces. So I could play GTA on my weak android tablet, for instance. I'm always frustrated at the slowness of my old work laptop when it's less than 2 feet away from my brand new i7 with 16gb of ram.

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