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Submission + - IOS vs. Android: Which Has The Crashiest Apps? (

creativeHavoc writes: "Forbes author Tomio Geron takes a look at data accrued by mobile app monitoring startup Crittercism. After looking at normalized data of crashes over the various mobile operating system versions he compares crash rates of apps on the two platforms. He also breaks it down further to look how the top apps compare across the competing mobile operating systems. The results may not be what you expect."

Submission + - Android Widgets Disappearing (

creativeHavoc writes: In all current and future builds of android, applications which have enabled the ability to be moved to the SD card are negatively impacted by the fact that when they do, all widgets will be disabled and impossible to access in the future (until moved back to internal phone storage and then rebooting the phone.)

With typical android phones designed with small internal memory and the ability to expand your memory with an SD card (a supposed selling feature) the fact that google essentially negates the ability for many applications to operate properly when using this feature. Users downvote applications who do not enable MoveToSD, but also downvote applications when they do not understand who to blame for their widgets disappearing.

Google seemed to act when the text-messaging bug was brought to light in the tech media, can it happen again?

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