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Comment Re: They were going to buy them... (Score 1) 148

Apple isn't saying that though. Imagination is saying that. No jurisdiction says that it's illegal for a company to destroy its own share value.

Now, if the execs who authorized the leak were found to be benefiting in other ways from the sale to Apple, then it would be subject to insider trading regulations.

Comment Re:They were going to buy them... (Score 1) 148

Poor guys? They still have deals with TI, Intel, NEC, BlackBerry, Renesas, Samsung, NXP among others.

You can't run a business as though temporary licensing deals will last forever; especially when the licensee is giving the strongest hints possible that they want out.

Comment Re:It's not about the screen size, it's field of v (Score 2) 128

When we take kids to the movies, we have to use earplugs because they never turn it down to child-safe levels for children's movies. And all that bass is way too much for my liking. I know that's how the movie sound was designed, but unlike the sound designers, I don't have hearing loss from too much bass...

So even a cheap Amazon Warehouse Deals projector and 8' screen, a fully functioning sound system with a volume control I can touch is a lot better for us.

And taking the release date as the day it arrives on Prime, Netflix, or whatevs.

Comment Re:There is no God (Score 1) 418

Published on /. yo.

The Unmoved Mover: the premise that there must be one is incorrect. Physics shows the need for a static frame of reference to be utterly spurious.

First Cause: the premise is incorrect. Physics shows that many different types of system (biome, ecosystem, stellar system, ...) are self-sustaining and self-perpetuating. Avoiding the myth of perpetual motion, the only "First Cause" is the Big Bang, and the more we understand about it, the less it looks like a singular event. Turtles all the way down, brah.

Contingency: The world will end. Some of the earlier understandings of the Big Bang pointed to a "Big Crunch", but the most recent understandings make it look less likely.

Degree: Physical measures do indeed have a zero, and a maximum (including infinity). Unmeasurable social constructs such as goodness, truth, nobility, are indeed described by degree. The only absolute truths are removed from language, and distilled into comparisons of real things against a corresponding theory; (e.g. the reference kilogram, the boiling point of water). The only absolute nobility is nothingness because everything else reacts in some way.

Teleologicality: This is a nonsense formed on the incorrect assumption that systems are impossible without oversight: the tree falling in the forest.

That was easy. I find it hard to believe these haven't been debunked before in even briefer, more conclusive terms.

Comment Re:In Other Words (Score 1) 418

It's a nonsensical assertion.

Q. A "simulation" of what, precisely?
A. A simulation of nature.
Q. So what is nature?
A. gesticulates wildly This stuff.
Q. So it's not a simulation?
A. Um.

First, to get it out of the way, there’s a trivial way in which the simulation hypothesis is correct: You could just interpret the presently accepted theories to mean that our universe computes the laws of nature. Then it’s tautologically true that we live in a computer simulation. It’s also a meaningless statement.

This is similar to answer to Creationism, the "appeal to tautology": i.e. God made such a beautiful facsimile of a naturalistic environment, made it look so precisely as though life evolved spontaneously from nothing, placed fossils just so that His creation even stands up to rigorous scientific models and proofs. By attempting to discard science and claim "It Were God What Did It", Creationists undermine their own argument that God is a marvellous being capable of creating an entire universe that is fully and repeatably consistent within itself.

So, by attempting to discard science and claim "We're Living In A Computer Simulation, Man", Matriculators undermine their own argument that the simulation is i. at risk of being shut down or ii. suffering a software problem or iii. could be hacked from the inside out, because to our current physical understanding, it stands up to scrutiny, and looks for all the world like a Real Thing (trademark symbol that I can't be bothered to figure out how to add in a /. comment). Furthermore, past understanding of nature has not offered any substantially different take on physical laws - they've just been inaccurate (the world is flat and so are the two above and the two below), or mythical (the Gods are using us like pieces on a game board), or narrative (karmic gamification of mor[t]ality). Nowhere in the history of science or pseudo science has there ever been any remotely robust theory of the world being a contrivance.

Comment Re:No word on what "O" in Android O stands for. (Score 1) 64

You're telling them they have a weak grasp of English, when that part of the alphabet is the same in every language which uses the Roman alphabet? And you didn't even get that what "O" stands for was wondering about the code name? I really hope you're drunk because otherwise that's a lot of stupid to put up with in the mirror.

Comment Re:Instant messaging is architecturally backward.. (Score 1) 174

Google Voice forwards SMS to any number you tell it to, and can do it internationally without any charge. You're charged for calls.

Signal can do SMS as well, so you replace your default app with Signal, and then use it to communicate internationally.

Of course, if you'd researched it, you wouldn't be here whining...

Comment Re:30 year nuisance (Score 1) 174

Media is content.

This isn't an error. Media are a collection of different sorts of medium, correct. The Media is a special use of this, referring to the major news (advertising) organizations as a collective whole. It's singular. Social Media is a special use of this, referring to the participation of the hoi polloi in advertising. In the context of news and advertising, media is the content.

The rules of grammar do not necessarily apply when terms are borrowed by another language (cf. The El Alhambra).

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