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Comment Sexism and Racism (Score 5, Insightful) 178

Calling an opponent a sexist or a racist are sure fire ways to ostracize them and shut them up. Ironic the left is so opposed to bullying then bullies people it disagrees with and calls them names. We're not all the same but deserve the same opportunities, nothing more, nothing less. Stop with the name-calling.

Comment Re:so men = better sellers (Score 1) 335

Yup, men and women and all the various races have things they are inherently better at than others. Maybe due to group think, cultural factors, genetic predisposition, etc. but it's good we're all if we could just live together and accept the fact the world won't be perfectly even, we'll all be better off and we'll all be more prosperous.

Comment Re:"It get's worse?" (Score 1, Insightful) 500

In 2012 over 3,300 people died in accidents but that doesn't fit the left's narrative so it's ignored. If someone's killed with a knife the left will proclaim that's bad, a killing with a car will be met with the proclamation of "how horrible", but a killing where a gun is involved will end with the call to ban all guns. Doesn't make sense and it's due to a lack of understanding and fear of the unknown.

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