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Comment Re:Jobs versus Protests (Score 1) 632

Yup, your premise will remain true until these millennials reach critical mass and run everything. Then we're all doomed.

Since the 4-year degree is the new GED, how about some millennials go into a trade (e.g. machining, HVAC, electrician, etc.) as they are in short supply and high demand, especially with manufacturing (hopefully) returning to America.

Comment Re:Production dollars shifting to "right" content? (Score 1) 142

While there are some great movies out there I think movie makers rely far too much on special effects rather than story to sell a movie and remakes, sequels and prequels are usually of poor quality. Couple that with ludicrous movie ticket and snack pricing and no wonder people feel the need to pirate them. Fortunately, Red Box and others are here along with the streaming services.

Comment Stop the madness (Score 2) 647

We cannot state that we need the same representation in the various fields as we have in the general population. Women and men, blacks and whites, hetero and homo, all have different interests for whatever reason. What we need is to ensure that everyone is given an opportunity to try and if they are unsuccessful so be it. Seems to work in sports where the best are hired and retained, why not try this with work and stop with the PC work force demographics BS.

Comment Sexism and Racism (Score 5, Insightful) 178

Calling an opponent a sexist or a racist are sure fire ways to ostracize them and shut them up. Ironic the left is so opposed to bullying then bullies people it disagrees with and calls them names. We're not all the same but deserve the same opportunities, nothing more, nothing less. Stop with the name-calling.

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