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America Online

Submission + - AOL to Delete Users' Content on Halloween

theodp writes: "Blaming an unquantified decline in usage, AOL has notified users it's decided the best thing to do is delete all of their blogs and files on October 31st. Want to save that precious blog of yours? AOL not-so-helpfully suggests: 'The quickest and easiest way to do this is by copying and pasting your content into a word processing document such as Microsoft Word, Notepad or even into an email and mailing it back to yourself. If you have any images we suggest you save them separately by right clicking on the image, choosing "Save Picture As" and allocate the drive on your PC where you would like to save them to.' Gee, thanks. And don't get too smug, Google users — the search giant has put its users on notice that Google Page Creator will be a thing of the past by year-end, although details of the transition have yet to be provided. Interestingly, the user-unfriendly moves by AOL and Google — which have a combined market cap of more than $150 billion — have prompted none of the media outrage directed at Dave Winer over the brief shutdown of blogs hosted at in 2004."

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