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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How do we rate comments?

cpopin writes: How do I know that I've rated a comment? It's very confusing and non-tactile, for lack of a better term, in response. I've rated a few comments, but it doesn't act the same way each time and even then I'm not sure it it took.

Can you please help me?

Thank you in advance,

-=- cpopin

Comment Re:Slightly Off Topic, But A Worse Situation (Score 1) 358

If you're talking about Facebook, create your own Facebook page with your clear portrait profile photo, 'friend' your friends and family, update your work history, so they know it's you and not the other person. Be sure you create an unique non-ambiguous Facebook URL, like mine:

If it's your own website, put your own portrait photo up; add the same e-mail address that you use to send resumés out with.

Personally, I choose to place the following in my "About Me" section of Facebook:
"To prospective employers: This is my personal wall and has absolutely no reflection on how I perform my job.
Shame on you for peeking.
Now, get back to work evaluating me as a future employee, please."

Comment Time Wasting!!! (Score 1) 95

I've got nine hours to harvest my Peanut Butter & Jelly co-op in order to earn my Biplane, so I can easily fertilize my crops, pal! If fly-by spreading of sh|t far and wide over virtual crappy crops isn't more important than sending out resumés, than I'll be a Facebook CEO!

Submission + - Apache platform deadly (

cpopin writes: Choose your platform carefully. While doing a Google search for the best platform to run Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Joomla, I came across this shocking headline which makes one second guess the fatality of your platform choices.

In all seriousness, I'm considering a move from Windows XP to Ubuntu Linux for my development platform and could use some suggestions. I used to develop in C on UNIX back in the '80s and want to explore going Linux fully as my development platform.

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