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Comment Implement first, optimize later... (Score 1) 197

Implement first, optimize later! Don't pre-optimize, because optimization usually introduces code complexity. A lot of the time your code will be "fast enough" or "small enough" to get the job done. Don't get too clever. Also, plan things out at least a little bit. Don't just start coding. Draw some pictures, talk through some use cases... try and ferret out and plan for some oddball corner cases before your testing finds them.

Comment Every loved dog is the best dog... (Score 2) 209

I have a 13 year old larger dog now, and it's hard to see her aging because she's starting to have the typical old age ailments that will eventually get us all. Lots of exercise all her life has helped stave off the aches and pains until recently. I would have paid quite a bit to delay the aging process for her and keep her health. Obligatory Oatmeal reference...

Comment Re:Living in the city (Score 1) 323

A used Nissan Leaf that's about three years old with under 30K miles can be found for under $10k if you shop around. The Ford Focus Electric is starting to show up in the same price range (used), but are harder to find. The nice part is that they still have at least five years of warranty on the battery and drive unit. They get about 60 miles per charge in city driving.

Comment Re:Come AMD.... (Score 3, Insightful) 100

AMD is a company struggling to stay afloat and relevant, it doesn't make sense to invest their limited R&D dollars in Linux driver optimization when Linux is a small fraction of the total gaming market (~2% of Steam, last I checked). I think they're probably doing what they need to be doing - improving their crappy Windows drivers.

Comment Re:Anonymity (Score 2) 373

The funniest part about your comment is believing that airlines serve any sort of food without purchase required.

Meals and alcohol are still 'free' on most international flights... Pro-tip - Always request the Indian or Hindu meal when making your reservation (if offered). It's usually the best tasting airline food you can get, and goes well with the cheap beer/wine that's offered :)

Comment Bleeding edge... not so much anymore (Score 1) 319

I used to tinker a *lot* more than I do now, but lately I have a more purpose-driven use of devices. This means I like to have them in a working and stable state when I turn them on, so my upgrades are fewer and further between. I think if your hobby is the devices themselves, then you'll upgrade a lot. If you're like me and your hobby/work involves use of the device, the bleeding edge doesn't matter so much unless the latest patch/whatever directly impacts what you're doing.

Comment Been standing for years... (Score 5, Informative) 340

Here's a previous reply I made on the same subject:

I'm a coder who stands all day ...and I've been doing it for over two years now. I used to experience back pain when I sat all day, but that went away after a month or so. I used to get sleepy after lunch when I sat all day... not so much anymore. You really do get used to it. A few suggestions for those who want to try it:

1) Make the switch the first day you get back from a longer holiday and are already out of your normal routine.

2) You *must* get a nice floor mat, preferably a dense memory foam mat designed for standing cubes. Working in your socks (if your employer will let you) while standing on said mat almost feels like a foot massage.

3) Another *must* - don't get a desk-height chair! At least, not for a while. You'll find yourself sitting way too often and never get adjusted to standing all day. Most of my fellow "standing" co-workers that have tall chairs sit at least 80% of the time.

4) It takes a couple weeks to get used to standing. Stick with it.

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