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Congresswoman and Staff Gunned Down 2166

tkprit writes "What a shame that a Congresswoman makes herself available to her constituents and she and six of her staff were gunned down for the effort. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona was shot, along with members of her staff, for trying to hear the concerns of the people she represents." CNN reports that at least 12 people were shot by the gunman. According to NPR, "The suspect ran off and was tackled by a bystander. He was taken into custody. Witnesses described him as in his late teens or early 20s." Update: 01/08 20:07 GMT by S : Other sources are reporting she's still in surgery, and early reports have been amended to list Congresswoman Giffords in critical condition.

Submission + - Facebook Censors Birth Photos

Hugh Pickens writes: "The Chicago Tribune reports that Laura Eckert, a photographer who specializes in pictures of pregnant women and the first moments of a baby's life had her account disabled for posting pictures Facebook initially deemed inappropriate, including shots of a friend and her newborn moments after birth that partially showed her friend's breasts, but not her nipples. Eckert says she sent more than 30 e-mails to Facebook to inquire and didn't get a response until the day after KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids reported on her plight. "It's funny it happened after the media got involved. I sent many polite e-mails asking for information over the course of the last few weeks and got no response. None," says Eckhert. For their part Facebook has now re-enabled the account and spokesman Simon Axten apologized explaining that Facebook reviews thousands of pieces of content every day to ensure Facebook remains a safe and trusted environment for everyone. "Of course, we make an occasional mistake. This is an example," says Axten. "When this happens, and it's brought to our attention, we work quickly to resolve the issue." Eckert says she is relieved to be able to log on to Facebook again, but that she's still unclear which birth photos the company allows. "No one has picked up on the angle that interests me most...that Facebook has apparently changed their Terms of Use since I originally agreed to them, yet I can't remember them ever asking me to "re-agree" to them.""

Submission + - AMD Fab Partner Lays Out Plans For Expansion (hothardware.com)

bigwophh writes: "AMD's fab partner, GlobalFoundries recently announced that they are on track to realize some $4 billion in revenue for the year 2010 with plans to double its size within two years while expanding their 28nm bulk silicon and 32nm SOI (silicon on insulator) capacities. Both processes will use what's known as high-k metal gate technology. High-k can be built either through the use of a "gate-first" or a "gate-last" approach. Intel—the only company to date that's shipped high-performance / high volume products using high-k—favors the gate-last approach. GlobalFoundries, IBM, and Samsung are championing gate-first technology. Proponents of gate-first technology argue that it allows for less-restrictive designs, smaller dies, and is easier to build. It's also cheaper. GF expects to save ~$75 million over four years by opting for gate-first rather than gate-last. Gate-last proponents (Intel, TSMC) claim that gate-first technology isn't a long-term solution and can't deliver all the benefits of the gate-last approach."

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