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Submission + - Most cost-effective code versioning setup for local programming management 1

courcoul writes: Under a new presidency and with the directive to switch over to FOSS and/or local development as much as possible, we would like to take control of our current and growing code base. Ancient RCS, SCCS. CVS. SVN. Some other letter soup?

I would like to ask the great Slashdot Collective for their thoughts, tips and recommendations on setting up such a source code management infrastructure AND getting the coders to accept and use it.

Submission + - College sports legend dies (

courcoul writes: Maybe not many jocks in here to notice the story, but fabled ex-Penn State coach Joe "JoePa" Paterno has died. One of the winningest coaches in US college football, his long career came crashing at the end due to the molestation scandal involving his assistant, where he failed to take decisive actions at the time. CNN: and BBC: are carrying the news, amongs others.

Submission + - College level computer security: what to teach?

An anonymous reader writes: A college with four-year programs I work with has invited me to participate in designing the next upgrade of its sillabi, specifically for Computer Security. This is the only course taught for that specific area, in the sixth semester. Current plan is to include: 1) Basic concepts & overview, 2) Establishing an Organization Security Policy Framework, 3) Cryptology (use and application, not math proofs), 4) Network Security (includes use of SW/HW tools), 5) O.S. and Application Security (includes secure programming, deployment and malware), 6) Legal Framework (includes incident handling, Intellectual Property issues). If you had to take a course like this, what would you like to learn? If you had to teach such a course, what would you include?

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