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Comparing the Size, Speed, and Dependability of Programming Languages 491

In this blog post, the author plots the results of 19 different benchmark tests across 72 programming languages to create a quantitative comparison between them. The resulting visualizations give insight into how the languages perform across a variety of tasks, and also how some some languages perform in relation to others. "If you drew the benchmark results on an XY chart you could name the four corners. The fast but verbose languages would cluster at the top left. Let's call them system languages. The elegantly concise but sluggish languages would cluster at the bottom right. Let's call them script languages. On the top right you would find the obsolete languages. That is, languages which have since been outclassed by newer languages, unless they offer some quirky attraction that is not captured by the data here. And finally, in the bottom left corner you would find probably nothing, since this is the space of the ideal language, the one which is at the same time fast and short and a joy to use."

Submission + - Star Wars R2-D2 1Gb Mimobot USB Flash Drive Review

dampeal writes: "I don't think this little guy needs much of an introduction, when someone says R2-D2, we all know exactly what that person means. Today for review I have a mimobot, what's a mimobot you say? Well it's a really cool USB Thumbdrive, or as mimoco calls them an 'Art Toy USB Flash Drive'. This thing is just plain cool, geeks everywhere should rejoice, mimoco combined two very geeky things, the USB Thumbdrive and Star Wars to produce a limited edition set of mimobots. The set, Series 1, includes Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, Chewbacca and of course R2-D2. So, read on my fellow geeks to check this little gadget out, I've got lots of pictures for you, and of course a bit of testing in this review... Review HERE"

Submission + - Princeton physicists connect string theory

tinkertim writes: "Physorg is reporting that Princeton physicists have connected the string theory with established physics. From the article:

String theory, simultaneously one of the most promising and controversial ideas in modern physics, may be more capable of helping probe the inner workings of subatomic particles than was previously thought, according to a team of Princeton University scientists.

Submission + - How do you DMCA a tattoo off of a person?

dmn writes: Shannon Larratt (of the BMEzine fame) recently posted a challenge at modblog for someone to tattoo the recently published HD DVD key on them and test what happens if they go public. From the first post:

"Any site that lists the AACS key/crack is getting legal takedown notices if someone gets it tattooed, would a lawsuit forcing them to never show it to anyone be launched? Would they try and force a removal?".
Well someone did take the challenge. From the second post:

"So how do you DMCA a tattoo off of a person? Am I allowed to tell people that its a 09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0 tattoo? Is a magazine permitted to print photos of this tattoo? Can the tattoo artist or shop (Good Faith Tattoos, Boston) be sued? Can the person wearing the tattoo be sued? Can a corporation force a medical procedure (a tattoo removal)? Can they force him to always wear a shirt? Well, Rich from The New Freedom has decided to be the bait!".
Linux Business

Submission + - Linux Arrives on 50,000 Brazilian Desktops

An anonymous reader writes: Three companies in Brazil have begun deploying tens of thousands of Linux-powered desktop PCs for the Brazilian federal government's Computers for All program. The ready-to-use PCs reportedly include the Linux XP Desktop operating system. Estimated monthly deployment reportedly is about 10,000 desktops, with 50,000 desktops already delivered. The full scope of the project was not indicated.

Submission + - The 10 Greatest Sci-Fi Franchises of All Time

Michael writes: "If there is one thing that Geeks will debate from now until the end of's which Sci-Fi franchises are the best. Everyone had their favorites, and everyone has ones that they hate.

So, it is with great caution that I present the following list to you, and I ask that you not call for my head on a stick if you disagree with me...and I'm sure some of you will.

What I have compiled here is, in my view, the 10 Greatest Sci-Fi Franchises of All Time. I encourage you to make your own list on this subject if you disagree, and post it in the comments at the end of the article..."

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