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Comment Re: Impossible... (Score 1) 332

Brad Wall really hasn't done anything good. Peoplr prop him up like he's the second coming of Jesus.

Our province has done "okay" for the past 6-8 years, I suppose. But this year it's all gone for shit because this government doesnt understand the idea of diversifying investments.

First Brad Wall propped up Potash as our cash cow. Invested virtually everything we had into and it was okay for a year or two. Then the market bottomed out and we lost everything we'd gained.

Then then the exact thing happened with oil, and he's cutting school, healthcare, and trying to privatize our Liquor sales to make aa quick buck to help pay back his fuck up.

I personally do not believe Brad Wall is a good leader. I feel he's doing the best he can, but has the mental capacity of a 10 year old.

Why can't there be a middle ground for politicians? Its either borderline hitler, or completely incompetent. I don't get it.

Comment Re: Gamers still have interest in desktops (Score 1) 123

I am a developer also... except I use Linux and multiple workspaces. It's like having as many monitors as I like, but without the neck pain.

I typically have it configured for 8 Workspaces organized in a grid of 2 rows of 4.

XFCE allows for seamless switching by simply dragging my cursor into the next screen, or I can click on which screen I want to jump to by clicking on it in the pager.

I don't need more than one physical screen.

Comment Re: Linux is far worse than Microsoft (Score 1) 538

I've bren using Funtoo/Gentoo Linux on my personal machines for years.

I'm now trying it out for virtualized servers (OpenVZ and KVM) to perhaps provide an upgrade path from CentOS 6 when it becomes obsolete.

The benefits are there for me, as I am familiar with the environment and how the package manager works. It makes it easy to use specific packages and security updates are there.

I realize it may not be as well tested as CentOS or RHEL, but it has a sane init system and very heavily customizable in the situations you need it to be.

Comment Re: Honest Question (Score 1) 151

In XFCE you just click and drag it with the mouse as the workspace switches. No hotkey required.

You can also just use the mouse to switch to workspaces. Just move the mouse to the edge of the current workspace and keep going, it will just switch. No hotkeys, no clicking. There is even an adjustable "resistance threshold" so you can make it more or less resistant to accidentally switching workspaces during normal use of the cursor. I keep mine pretty low because I like to move around freely... and because it drives Windows users crazy.

Comment Re: Impossible... (Score 1) 332

Not sure what you mean, exactly. Though you're posting as AC so probably a troll.

I never claimed to be successful at anything other than what I do now, which is web based application development.

The other things I did were just day jobs while I built my business up part time until I could do it full time. I've now been doing just that for over two years now.

The Locksmith job was fun though.

Comment Re: Impossible... (Score 4, Informative) 332

I completed highschool 10 years ago (2006).

I took Welding (Gas, Arc, and MIG), Drafting and CAD, Computer Science, Carpentry, and Electronics. My high school also offered Machining, Autobody, Small Engines, etc.

It was drilled into our heads that College/University was required to enter the real world, but many of my graduating class that took the "trade" courses went right out into the work field and learned more as they need it in the field.

I started my own business in high school doing web design. Out of high school I worked full time "regular" jobs in advertising, direct sales, retail, low voltage wiring (ethernet, coax, 18-2, 18-4), security system installation, and then locksmithing.

My business slowly grew as life progressed. While working for the locksmith I had an opportunity to focus on my business fall in my lap and I took it. Since then business has only picked up and grown year-over-year.

I am Canadian, living in Canada. The majority of my clients are in the US. :-)

Comment Re:Good to hear. (Score 2) 188

This is the unfortunate truth.

I use AMD in my personal machines (Laptop, Desktop, HTPC) because they are cheaper and I get what I need out of them. I dont play video games, and don't really do anything CPU or GPU intensive. A browser, some terminal emulators, file manager, email client, etc. all run great.

The servers I own are all Intel Xeon E5's. You really can't beat them, and more per watt is definitely better in this space. I run dozens of virtualized servers on each machine and they just keep chugging along without issue.

Comment Re:Great, can we get keyboard naviation from Netfl (Score 1) 134

I use Chromium as basically my HTPC with a simple custom web app (runs locally on the machine) to tie a bunch of services together in Fullscreen Kiosk Mode.

I use a Mele F10 Deluxe air mouse/keyboard, purchased on Amazon for $30US. You can bind certain keys to certain devices (it has both RF and IR transmitters). I only use IR to turn m TV on and Off, but you can program it to control volume as well.

In Chromium I use the following extensions to make the experience a little cleaner:
- No Scroll Bars Please!
- Smooth Key Scroll
- uBlock Origin (necessary for Youtube and Spotify)

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