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Comment Re: HP Envy x360 15 (Score 1) 273

I certainly did find plenty of 15-inch laptops without the numeric keypad.

I actually almost bought an Asus Zenbook. But it lacked the numeric keypad and did not have a backlit keyboard. At least, none of the models I could find had it.

Some people like the numeric keypad, some people don't. I'm primarily a desktop user, and found myself annoyed consistently whenever I was on my laptop (traveling, ususally) and the numeric keypad was not present, so I made a point to hunt down a new laptop that met all of my criteria. I finally found out and happened to catch it on sale during Black Friday, so I bought it. $899 CAD was certainly worth it to me.

Comment HP Envy x360 15 (Score 1) 273

I just bought an HP Envy x360 15-series this past week.

Basic specs:
Intel 7th Gen i5-7200u
256GB NVMe SSD drive
15 inch 1920x1080 screen
Backlit Keyboard with number pad
No CD drive
Nice and light and thin.

I run Funtoo Linux on it. Install was the same as usual, except I forgot to include the NVMe drivers when I built the kernel, so I had to load up System Rescue CD, chroot in and build it again.

I have no use for the touch screen, or the fact I can fold it in half, it just met all of my requirements (no cd drive, backlit keyboard, 15-inch 1080p screen). Could certainly use more RAM, but that SSD certainly helps.

Comment Re: Better Idea (Score 1) 105

It goes even deeper than that.

Many of the creators of popular shows sign exclusive multi-year contracts to specific networks in specific geographical regions, thus shutting Netflix out from even trying in many regions.

It's the major cable network owners that see Netflix as the enemy, and have even deeper pockets to keep content away from Netflix by buying up the rights of popular shows in the regions they operate.

Netflix Original content is purchased from the creators in a similar manner. They sign exclusive contracts with Netflix to become a "Netflix Original" show. But, as stated, the big cable networks have deeper pockets and can afford to buy the rights to many more shows.

Comment Re: Wrong question (Score 1) 102

The problem is signing up with all of these payment providers is a hassle to small businesses.

I build websites for a living. Some even ecommerce. I'm my own sites I only accept payments via Credit Card (through Stripe), because it's mostly universal by supporting most of the credit card providers out there, and Stripes custom integration while still being PCI-DSS compliant is very straight forward.

They've recently rolled out support for Apple Pay, but the documentation was confusing if you use a custom integration, so I simply haven't done that yet.

Paypal can be useful, and it's on my list of things to do. I use it myself sometimes, so I should make it available to those who prefer it.

Other than that, I'm not going to seek out a dozen other services that take time and money to set up and integrate because it's too hard to type in credit card details.

Comment Re: A few get it right but only a few (Score 1) 102

Amazon still has some faults.

1) having to scroll past the products to get to the filters. There needs to be a small button at the top of the product list to display the filters immediately.

2) trying to get to your account, or tracking page requires scrolling to the very bottom of the page. If you're on the home page, it autoloads more content as scroll and it can get frustrating.

Not sure if all of their regional sites are exactly the same, but this is my experience with the Canadian mobile site.

Comment Re: V for Vendetta (Score 1) 135

How will they know what you're spending money on?

Do you understand the amount of work it would be to trace and catalog EVERY company on the internet that offers VPN services? What about third party resellers? What about companies who's primary products are not VPN services? Are all of their customers suddenly lumped into the same pile as the VPS users?

Seriously, its a really complex mess that would be difficult to track. Using a Credit Card is fine, and if you would like to be a little more cautious, choose a smaller, less known provider. They'll appreciate your business more, and possibly handle your personal information a little better than the bigger guys.

Comment Re: Fold a shirt in 10 minutes? (Score 2) 139

In my house we hang mostly everything. Only stuff we do not hang is underwear, socks, and pajamas.

For my kids I installed a second hanger bar in their closets, so they get twice the hanging space in one closet. Shirts on top, pants on the bottom, dresses wherever they prefer.

No point wasting time folding, stuffing them in drawers, and getting all ruffled up anyway the next time they go digging for something. Hanging makes it easier to find what you're looking for at a glance.

I suspect this robot is aimed at commercial applications.

Comment Re: Another company to die a slow death under Orac (Score 4, Informative) 117

How many domains?

I am a customer of Softlayer, and their free (for customers) Anycast DNS service is absolutely fantastic. I piggyback my clients onto their DNS (~100 domains including my own) and we've never seen an issue.

Another company I've had experience with is I moved to softlayer simply because they offered Anycast and it was free with a server I'm renting from them. now offers Anycast. I'm planning to use them as a secondary DNS in conjunction with Softlayer, because, well, redundancy.

Comment Re: Does Alibaba matter to those in the west? (Score 1) 41

I buy phone parts (screens, batteries, etc) from AliExpress on a regular basis.

Many sellers offer an express shipping option to have it here in 4-5 business days. In many cases it's still cheaper to get what I need from AliExpress even with paying extra for express shipping.

Most recently I bought 2 replacement screen/lcd/digitizer for my phone. Cost $70 with shipping and was here in a week. For the record I have a Motorola X Play (not available in the US).

Comment Re:Go ahead let it out.... (Score 1) 2837

Also, you can post your real estate listings here since you ARE actually going to man up (ooh wait.. too cisgendered a term there) and move to Canada right?

Immigrating to Canada is just as complicated and stringent as trying to move to the US. What makes you think you can just "move to Canada". It's not as easy as you think. I suspect that is what holds many Americans back.

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