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The Internet

Submission + - Facebook Maxes Out Its Data Center Space (

1sockchuck writes: "Facebook is adding 2 million new users a week, and recently maxed out the data center space at its California facilities. The load on the company's servers "continues to increase at a pretty astounding rate," says Facebook engineer Jason Sobel, who said the fast-growing social networking service has added a data center in Virginia, which is now serving 30 percent of its traffic. Sobel also discusses how Facebook sorts out which data gets stored on the East Coast and West Coast, which has meant some fine-tuning of its MySQL code to properly update Memcached."

Submission + - Russian Subs Seek Glory at North Pole (

PatPending writes: MOSCOW — Two small manned Russian submarines completed a voyage of 2 1/2 miles to the Arctic shelf below the North Pole Thursday, planting a titanium capsule on the Arctic Ocean floor to symbolically claim what could be vast energy reserves beneath the seabed. The dive was part serious scientific expedition and part political theater. But it could mark the start of a fierce legal scramble for control of the sea bed among nations that border the Arctic, including Russia, the U.S., Canada, Norway and Denmark, through its territory Greenland.

Submission + - Mac users' Internet experience to remain seamless 2

thefickler writes: Mac users will continue to see the Internet as it was intended, thanks to the renewal of a font licensing agreement between Microsoft and Apple. At TypeCon2007 Microsoft and Apple announced they have renewed their font licensing agreement, giving Apple users ongoing use of the latest versions of Microsoft Windows core fonts.

Back in 1996 Microsoft started the "Core fonts for the Web" initiative. The idea of this initiative was to create a a standard pack of fonts that would be present on all or most computers, allowing web pages to be displayed consistently on different computers. While the project was terminated in 2002, some of the fonts defined as core fonts for the web have gone on to become known as "web safe fonts", and are therefore widely used by Internet developers.

Submission + - Supercrunchers Video

geetoo writes: In a recent article on Slashdot, Bill McColl introduced the concept of the supercruncher, a new form of massively parallel architecture aimed at applications that require the concurrent evaluation of huge program sets on live, real-time datastreams. Parallel Machines, the Silicon Valley stealth company that's developing supercrunchers, has posted a video on their website that outlines the technologies, applications and opportunities that are driving this new development.
Red Hat Software

Submission + - Redhat Challenge seeks Biz Graduate Student Ideas

noopm writes: Redhat has announced the Redhat Challenge, a "contest for graduate students in Business/Design Schools to formulate a group concept plan in response to a business challenge question". The Red Hat Challenge is posed as "an open invitation to create an innovative solution to a Red Hat business problem and provide the Company with original, cutting-edge ideas to shape its future business model".
Is this sort of bounty based problem solving the new trend in the Open Source Industry? (This seems like the B-School version of the Google Summer of Code initiative). Notably, the contest is open to an international crowd including the United States, Canada, China, India and lots of European and other Asian countries. The winning team gets to walk away with USD 20,000. Registration is open online till March 25th at their website. Official rules here.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Teen Who Posted `Catch Me' on Web Caught

kog777 writes: A 16-year-old fugitive believed to have posted a "Catch me if you can" message on his MySpace Web page was captured Friday, three days after his escape from a detention center, an official said. Jordan Danski escaped Tuesday with two other teenagers from the Macomb County Juvenile Justice Center where he was being held on a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon, police said. The others were quickly caught, but Danski eluded capture.

Submission + - Best "Plan B" career - IT, programming, or

An anonymous reader writes: What would be the best field (and sub field) for a 38 year old to start studying (both self-study and a few classes) in his spare time as a back-up plan in case of a forced or voluntary career change? Which of these types of employment opportunities would have the least problems with hiring a 40-year-old "entry level" candidate. Which has the best starting salaries, and which have the higher salary caps?

Now that I have children, I'm more concerned about long-term job security as well as the size of my salary. I just recently made a push and finished up a bachelor's degree in physics. I went with physics because that was what I started with 20 years ago and would be the quickest to complete, and a science degree is good to have in my current career in the environmental testing lab industry. I kind of got stuck in the testing lab industry when I dropped out of college for financial reasons, but I never intended to make it into a career. I just kept getting pulled back in.

In my current career my salary is probably pretty well capped at $60K, even as a supervisor and technical expert, and the number of positions available dwindle every year. I hear about people in IT and software development getting starting salaries of $50K right out of college, and there always seems to be jobs available. I do have an aptitude for computers and programming, but most of my knowledge and experience is pretty basic and out of date (I haven't done much object oriented programming, for example).

Submission + - VMware Answers Parallels with Fusion Beta 2

FusionUser writes: With Parallels announcing the GA release of their latest Desktop for Mac product along with all of its new and cool features, you knew VMware wouldn't be too far behind with something up their sleeve. VMware is working on Beta 2 of its VMware Fusion 1.0 product. Like Parallels, VMware's Fusion for Mac is a desktop virtualization platform that lets you create and run virtual machines on your Intel-based Mac. VMware is trying to provide Mac users with an intuitive user interface, and offer them the ability to run a wide-range of pre-configured virtual machines that have been created with VMware Workstation, VMware Server, and VMware ESX Server. Check out the latest BETA 2 features. s/2007/03/vmware_answers.html

Submission + - Geoshell seeks new lead developer

An anonymous reader writes: After a long period of stagnation, the lightweight, extensible, open source alternative shell for Windows is looking for a new lead developer. Geoshell was originally developed by a Microsoft employee as a replacement shell for Windows to aid development of the default explorer shell, but conflict of interest meant the project soon found a new home. Advantages of Geoshell over other replacement Windows shells include stability, low memory footprint and plugin support, as well as high configurability. Coders familiar with C++ are sought to rejuvenate the project.. could that be you?

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