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Submission + - CIA director yucks it up with computer engineering joke (

coondoggie writes: "Had to pass this one along. Seems CIA Director David Petraeus made a computer engineering joke to start of his speech at the recent In-Q-Tel CEO Summit. It goes like this:
“I recalled the story of the four engineers driving home from one of our partner startups in Silicon Valley—a mechanical engineer, a chemical engineer, an electrical engineer, and a computer engineer...."


Submission + - The Apple-Gizmodo story, as told by Shakespeare (

coondoggie writes: An amusing tale told by Shakespeare: Love's Labor Lost (or Stolen): A felony in three acts...The Players wold include Graytonio Powellatello, an ambitious field hand on the estate of Lord Stefan, with a fondness for beer; Bran Hogan, a young Celt, working part time at a Church run community center where he teaches swimming to kids age 3 to 10, prone to picking up things that don’t belong to him, and to regret; Lord Stefan Jobes, master of Cuperteen, an immense estate famous for its orchards...

Submission + - South Park skewers high-tech icons (

coondoggie writes: South Park takes on Facebook in a new episode titled "You have 0 friends" premiering Wednesday. Kyle apparently will face a crisis when his Facebook friends desert him, but this is far from the first time the show has given its unique perspective on technology, real and imagined. But Facebook is just the latest high-tech South Park skewering: iPhone, Bill Gates, Star Trek, the Internet have all been lampooned.

Submission + - Computer Engineer Barbie Unveiled ( 2

ideonexus writes: At the New York Toy fair, Mattel has announced Computer Engineer Barbie, the doll's 126th career chosen by popular vote. The official announcement (PDF) shows her accessorizing with nerdy glasses, a Bluetooth earpiece, pink laptop, and tee covered in binary digits. The girls-only vote choose "News Anchor Barbie," which became Barbie's 125th career, but Mattel decided to add the Computer Engineer version after a viral outpouring of support from female IT professionals.

Submission + - SPAM: Weird science: 2009's wackiest stories

coondoggie writes: When hard core high-tech and humanity mix you can count on some wacky or just down-right cool things happening. What we have here is our list of 25 the wackiest stories from 2009 featuring everything from high-tech toilet battles and 1,000 mph cars to shape-shifting robots and levitating mice.
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Submission + - Gingrich applauds porn for stimulating economy (

Anonymous Coward writes: "Newt Gingrich as part of his "American Solutions for Winning the Future" program selected 's Allison Vivas as entrepeneur of the year for 2009. An aide for Mr. Gingrich faxed out the invitation to the awards ceremony with a letter expressing his anticipation of meeting her "face-to-face" and getting her ideas and opinions, Newt apparently received criticism for nominating the head of a web based porn power-house for this award from the media and political circles and he has rescinded the invitation."

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