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Journal Journal: Linux: the hype is over 2

Linux: the hype is over

According to the latest Gartner group research report, the Linux hype is finally over. Research shows that market share of linux-driven production servers on the internet has finally declined to a single-digit number. The reasons for this are clear:

* Linux is unstable
* Linux has an unreliable filesystem
* Everybody uses Windows or BSD, nowadays

Research has clearly pointed out, that although there are still hordes of pinguin-dressed geeks running around MIS departments, management has grown wise (or gone out of business) and doesn't even allow Linux workstations anymore, since the costs in maintaining these machines turned out to be astronomically high. The reasons for this are clear as well.

* Installation is a pain in the ass
  1. it usually takes a whole support team to install a geeks' workstation

* Bandwidth

  1. Installation and maintenance requires 4-5 times the bandwidth a 'normal' OS would require

* Integration and connectivity

  1. Linux was deliberately made completely incompatible and inoperatible with turnkey solutions like MS Exchange or MS SQL server. Investments in these products are therefore voided the minute you start rolling out Linux.

* Complexity

  1. Applications developed in Perl or C, the languages of the linux community have proven to be slow, unreliable, insecure and headaching complicated. Once developed and debugged, nobody is able to understand the code.

Therefore, it has been statistically proven that most companies have already moved away from Linux. This can be concluded from the following signs:
* All the 'geeks' wearing tux t-shirts are actually MIS support guys who are still studying for their MCSE exam.
* 'The screaming fast linux machines at work' are actually refurbished workstations at a separated network segment, not allowed on the production network since every linux (l)user seems to need nmap to perform normal work-related computer operations.
* All the 'cool' Apache web servers are actually IIS machines with forged host headers. (yes, you can do that in IIS without recompiling anything. Heck, I lived for years without a C compiler and still do. )
* For the rare instance where a free UNIX is actually used in a production environment, management has smartened up and BSD is usually installed.

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