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Comment Re:It's pretty simple (Score 1) 371

1. Most cameras in laptops are USB peripherals, sourced from an OEM.
2. Even if that were done, look up LED persistence of vision, Then ask how long the camera needs to be on to take a picture versus how long it takes before humans notice the LED is lit. Hwo knows, it might be possible to grab a pic before the LED is bouncing photons at all. As a result, it's not as simple as hooking it to Vdd, you'd have to build a capacitor network in that will not allow the camera to turn on until the LED is lit and then won't allow the LED to go out until it's noticeable to the user.
3. Do you think the OEM even thought about privacy? Might wanna rethink that.
4. It's far simpler to put a shutter on the camera (but what about IR?) and/or put a HW switch on the USB Vdd to the camera.

Comment Re:Lie-fest from the NSA (Score 5, Insightful) 504

Moreover, It's not like he hasn't had the observable precedent of what the government did to vocal dissenters using the "process," namely to maliciously prosecute them and strip them of their retirement even when prosecution fails for the obvious reason that there was no evidence. Thomas Drake is a prime example of that.

Comment Re:So, what's with the right wing echo chamber? (Score 1) 622

Sadly, the paper the reporter worked for has now run a piece about the raid and their intentions to pursue a civil case against the government. So it looks like the tin foil hat brigade is right again. Been happening a lot this year. Perhaps TIME will make the conspiracy theorist the Person of the Year this year.


Comment Re:For free? (Score 0) 303

i think he would have been wildly more successful at doing things like ending the wars, closing Guantanamo, not assassinating minor US citizens in countries we aren't at war with, and restoring the rule of law than our current administration. And that would have been more than enough to accomplish as president given how dismal Obama *actually is* in power. But hey, it sure is fun to mock people who don't have power for what they might or might not do.

Comment Re:The elusive... (Score 1) 277

the last constitutional amendment was a long while ago. the currently tolerated status quo is one where opinion polls determine our rights and the executive branch has far more power than a plain reading of the constitution would infer. Some parts are ignored and undermined (most of the bill of rights, just ask a defense attorney about your 4th ammendment rights erosions.) Others are aggrandized, most notably the supremacy clause and article 2. Also, Obama is continuing and extending all the policies you labeled totalitarian, so how's that HOPE and CHANGE working out for you?

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