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Submission + - Discovery Channel Crashes a Boeing 727 for Science Documentary (zap2it.com)

conner_bw writes: "A Boeing 727 passenger jet has been deliberately crash-landed. The pilot ejected just minutes before the collision. The plane was packed with scientific experiments, including crash test dummies. Dozens of cameras recorded the crash from inside the aircraft, on the ground, in chase planes and even on the ejecting pilot's helmet. All of this was done for a feature length documentary to be shown on the Discovery Channel later this year."

Submission + - Robotic Butterfly (physorg.com)

conner_bw writes: "A group of Japanese researchers, who publish their findings today in Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, have succeeded in building a fully functional replica model of a swallowtail butterfly. They have filmed their model butterfly flying. The invention corroborates the idea that, unlike other insects who actively compensate for aerodynamics, the flight of swallowtail butterflies is realized with simple flapping, requiring little feedback control of the feathering angle. So, how many flaps this thing can manage before it stops flying?"

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